Help! A technical question

I just went to start a chat with one of our members online, and instead of “start chat”, I hit “ignore”. My friend disappeared, and I have no idea how to get her back on the “Members Online” panel.

Have I sent her packing on a one way trip, never to be seen again? I hope not …

Anybody know how to un-ignore somebody?

Teehees I would very much like to exist again please help Seenie free me from the land of the ignored!

You should be able to exist again if she goes to your member profile and goes down the list on the left hand side and unblocks you.


she may have accidently turned off chat just expand it to full size and there are several options including start chat.

Got it! I closed the Wibiya spybar, and there she was, greyed out. I clicked and unignored her. LOL Thanks, Lamb.