Welcome Denise from NC!

We’ve got a new member here, @Denise. I met Denise online as a result of an article which I did a while ago for another website. (Ok, I admit it, I was two-timin’, but I thought they were going to pay me, which I don’t think they ever did, oh never mind …) Anyway, I encouraged her to join what I call my pack of PsA Besties. That would be you, my friends. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Denise is struggling, like so many of us do and have done. I’ll let her introduce herself, and I’m sure the conversation will take take off in some interesting direction. It always does here.

I hope she enjoys our company. I have a feeling she will!

(I’m sorry I haven’t been here much lately. Truly MIA … will explain before too long!)


Welcome aboard.


Welcome Denise! This an amazing supportive and informative group. I hope you will reach out to us when you need help or have information to share.

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Hi Denise!!!

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Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I’ll post my story soon and will be asking the community for advice!