So what is happening with our bodies

just had my old friend from school Jeanie to stay. We go back to Primary school and are old girls from Rugby High - a girls grammar school. Its lovely as she shares so many interests with me and we can talk about stuff- she is just startiong a course in cranial sacral therapy and is very interested in all mind, body soul issues. she brought a great book called Emotional Anatomy by Stanley Keleman with her - and it is a great way in to recognising how our patterns become emodied in our feeling responses and body. As i am now so uninflamed after my rigorous and disciplined approach to understanding my body's responses to diet, I am able to relinquish lots of old holding and the stiffness which has kept me in such a mental prison as well as a physical one.

I can do some yoga poses again, and dance and relax. i can hop on a horse and put a saddle on without pain in every part of my body. It is not rocket science, it is just controlling inflammation through diet, sleep and a much more loving, caring and assertive approach to my body. I have realised that my body is not a dustbin for painkillers and NSAID drugs and they cause or exacerbate the leaky gut issues. If this sounds political, thats because caring for your body in todays western approach to health, is political. If you can't find find out how to treat your precious gut, which contains a huge amount of your body's immune response because that knowledge is unconsciously disregarded by those people whom we trust to help us and the seekers are seen as maverick - then where does it leave you? It seems subversive to actually question these things. How on earth can this be ?

I am aware what it is like to be in crisis state with a body raging with inflammation and I understand it affects the whole being- the brain too is inflamed. We despair of a solution and hope there is a magic simple pill that those clever folk have got that can make us ok , so we can carry on as before. My advice is to lose this mindset, and as soon as you are not in crisis, start some changes. Get back in the driving seat. stop signing disclaimers - as I did when I went on Humira seven years ago, and say surely there is a better way to reduce my CRP, a way to understand how my body is reacting to what I am putting into it. If this body response waxes and wanes, then there is a reason. Biochemistry is not magic. if remission occurs then we need to know why. I know because i have instigated this remission, the only one i have had apart from when I was pregnant, twice, when I had antibiotics, and when I did the Atkins diet 10 years ago. mmmm. I see these have some common factors.

Too many rheumatologists and medical practitioners do not suffer from this complaint. I say I only want to be treated by a person with first hand experience who has cured themselves- like dr terry Wahls and her MS . Too many want to ascribe the depression and despair which accompanies this disease to some kind of laclk od moral fibre. i say , no, it is part and parcel of the inflammatory response. it causes brain fog and a feeling of vulnerability- because as an animal, you are weak and immobilised, easy prey. Your coping mechanisms are challenged, especially if you dont have an entourage of genuinely supportive friends and family. It is impossible if your ability to work is threatened, your career. You owe it to yourself to listen much more carefully to your body and see if you have been accidentally loading it with excessive carbs, gluten, an imbalance of fats , painkillers which have irritated your gut, eating without due care and attention when you are high on stress hormones , pushing your adrenal responses beyond their coping mechanisms. are you Vit D deficient, magnesium deficient, zinc deficient ? Do you eat proper food - ie nutrient dense food, at considered times, recognising you may be genetically unable to deal with gluten if your gut is already stressed ? Or are you just giving up and overloading it?

what does a bottle of coca cola and a sandwich do to your insulin response? Why not water and a veg frittata? I beleieve these things are connected. we are not designed to max our insulin response all the time. we are not supposed to be addicted to carbohydrate. If you are, then what does that tell you about how you are managing your body ?

Keep questioning xxx

Great post, I agree 100% with what you are saying.

Have you been tested for Celiac? I am awaiting the results on a biopsy, but like you I have felt my best when I have done an Atkins or Paleo type diet.

I agree that the gut is the key with PsA and the painkillers/NSAIDS are very destructive on the gut in the long term and create a vicious cycle.

I believe that for some people dietary triggers (Celiac and food intolerances) are key, for others this is not the case, but you can only try for yourself and see what works for you and although restrictive these diets are very clean and good for your general health anyway!

Thankyou for the great post :)

I am at a stage is my Psoriatic Arthritis where I have had enough of the mainstream medical profession. The latest offer from them is to start Adalimunamab. I am five years in to my diagnosis and I have used Methotrexate which has put me off other treatments. I was very unwell as a result and since then I have taken Tramadol and Naproxen. This year I have had two bouts of stomach problems which left me in agonising pain for 10 days. My GP suggested it could be food poisening!!! After doing my own bit of research I discovered other arthritis patients had the same experience as a result of Naproxen. I really do not want to take any more medications that can damage me further. I really want to try the changing my diet route and feel more empowered. I agree with what you said and it is good to know other people are feeling the same way. Any advice? Thanks

Hi Rachel

I am truly sorry to hear about your pain, but think maybe it is the start of a journey. My advice is to read all about going low carb, gluten free and understanding the leptin ideas . There are some good books out there - the art and science of low carbohydrate living, boooks on paleo, and one I recommend, Mastering leptin. There is some stuff about this on Dr jack Kruse website- and his Leptin reset programme is similar to what Ive been doing. I am not suffering from inflammation , am on no medication at all, and am able to wear shoes a size smaller, dance, ride horses, etc after years of struggle. It is a journey but the science really helps. Good luck