Slippers for foot pain

Wanted to share my recent discovery. I frequently get foot pain, toe joints and the fascia on the bottom of my foot gets inflamed and swollen, planters fasciitis (or something like it) etc.

I finally caved and bought a pair of those cloud slides/slippers that are like an inch of cushion off of Amazon and well, they’ve came in handy so much I now have a gardening pair and a house and everywhere less pair :joy: I even bought a pair for my partner.

I got the joomra brand but I think they’re all pretty much the same.

Even when my feet flared up so bad I couldn’t stand on them barefoot I could get around the house pretty easy in them. If I wear them when doing standing tasks like dishes my back lasts longer… It’s just cushion but it helps.

Thought I’d share the recommendation - they’re pretty cheap too (around $20-30 US a pair).

Hope everyone is managing the spring weather okay (I’ve been bouncing in and out of flares since February :roll_eyes:) :cherry_blossom:

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Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check them out. I also suffer from the same foot pain you describe.

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I may see if they have them big enough for my feet. My feet have become a big source of pain for me. I had to go to Las Vegas last week for a conference and was probably walking over a mile a day. By the time I got home at the end of the week I was in terrible pain and hobbling badly.

I asked my FNP about a podiatrist referral and she is sending me to an orthopedic foot surgeon. I see him next week. I am afraid I have bone on bone in my ankles. Not sure what he can do, but it will be better to know what is going on. I am afraid the OA is progressing in my joints faster.

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They go up to a men’s 13, at least that’s what I got my partner. You may have to try a few different listings but from what I can tell they’re all basically the same, just different color-size options/availability.

I’m sorry to hear your also having foot issues, hopefully you find something that helps :crossed_fingers:

Coface slippers on Amazon are great too . Not as soft as the cloud ones and have an arch support that is great. I get horrible foot and leg cramps as well as Achilles pain and they straighten me out. Wear them at home all the time.

Oh nice! Their sandals look like more appropriate outside shoes so I may have to order a pair to try.

I get that too and have found soft comfy shoes as well. Also I keep a soft drink bottle filled with frozen water in freezer. On those bad days roll it back and forth with a foot for instant relief.

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