Speaking of Feet

The thread about foot pain is back up and running, and I've been thinking about my painful feet. Has anybody here tried foot massage? Acupuncture?

MY PT does massage on my feet. Feels wonderful. He put me in orthotic inserts for several years. I only use those now during a bad flare. He also does ultrasound, tens and occasionally uses ice. I know ice sounds awful, and at first it is. But it does bring limited relief. He puts my foot in a kind of sock that he then inflates. So you are feeling the slight pressure of the inflatable sock more than you are feeling the cold.

He taught me how to do range of motion exercises for me feet by using my hands to manipulate them. I usually do a warm foot bath before I do this with my feet. That exercise has probably given me the most relief of all. Before I found my PT, I was headed toward a wheelchair, the pain was just overwhelming. Hang in there; I know how awful it can be to have that pain every time you try to put your feet on the floor. Don't give up; there's a lot to try!

Keep us posted!