Problem feet

Does anyone have the same problem as me with the heels of their feet. Just recently I have been unable to put any weight onto my heels which is making walking even worse. I've got to the stage now where I just shuffle along. The only way I can relieve the pain is to take a double dose of painkiller, can anyone offer any advice as to how I can deal with this or let me know how they cope with this part of the disease

Jackie, you don't mention what kind of pain in your heels. If it feels like you are walking on a rock; worse in the morning or after periods of rest then Google Plantar Fasciitis. It is a very common problem and yes we are prone to have this issue. There are stretches that will help; good arch supports; meds; injections up to surgery to relieve this problem. Do not go barefoot; do not wear flat no support shoes. Hope this helps.

Hi Alma

Many thanks for the information, I did what you suggested and googled Plantar Fasciitis and it covered almost everything that I am experiencing. I have an appt with my Rheumy in May so if I it doesn't appear to be getting any better I will discuss it with him then. It's a good feeling knowing that you at least have an idea as to what is wrong rather than guessing.

Thank you so much for the information it has really helped.

I too have the pain in one of my feet. The pain was so unbearable at times that i couldn't get around without shoes. I swore I'd never own a pair of crocs because they're so ugly, but I was desperate. I bought a pair to wear around the house, and they have been my life saver.

OOh thanks for that Natalieb I have some of those, I stopped wearing them because initially they made the arches in my feet ache, perhaps I should persevere with them and see if it helps. I'm sure you'll agree anything is worth a try.

I wonder if you could put some inserts with arches in? like I said... I wasn't excited about them until I put them on and the cush took most of my pain away when I walked. :) I hope they help you too!

Oh, foot pain ... I hear ya! Find a good podiatrist, mine has been a huge help. I have orthotics, and she gave me great advice about choosing footwear. One of the first things she said to me was "crocs are good", to which I thought "fat chance!". Well, yesterday I held my nose and tried some on ... and I bought two pairs! They feel really good, and they don't break the bank1

Hi Seenie thanks for the advice. Funnily enough Natalieb said the same thing so I'm going to give them a go. To be honest I'm so desperate I'm quite prepared to give anything a go. We will have to both see how we get on with them and keep each other updated. 'Good Luck' will be thinking of you.

Plantar Fasciitis was one of the first symptoms I got with PsA. I walk with a cane. It takes the pressure off my foot. I also use a night splint to help relieve some of the pain.

I have had Plantar Fascitis for years which is now aggravated by PsA. I have been wearing orthotics for about 7 years which helps alot however pain is always worse in the morning or after <i have been sitting for a while. Barefoot is a no no, Birkenstocks in the house are my friend... hang in there!!