Skin issues

Just a quick question. What do you guys use on your skin that is over the counter. My hands are in bad shape and I am not sure what to do. My hands are cracking and bleeding and I need to find something to do with them.

My hands are the same way.... I'd like to hear if anyone has found anything that works. My fingertips get dry, crack and peel off... Then I have 1 layer of skin to work with...

I've found that a urea cream works well. Up here in Canuckland it goes under the "Uremol" brand, and I can get the 20% strength. I don't know if it's over the counter in the US or not. I searched in the US, and I see a couple of 10% creams, AquaCare and Eucerin.

It works. One problem with it, though: I got flagged during flight security screening. They did a swab of my hands and said that I had traces of explosives on me. Big kerfuffle, secondary screening, an interview ... sheeesh. I was puzzled by this, and later thought that it might have something to do with the fact that I had recently started using the urea cream. Then I googled "urea explosives" ... ROFL, ya, that was it all right!

Anyway, this stuff works for sure. Not unpleasant to use, either.

Hi All,

I have the same problems with my fingers. It is a psoriasis different from pulstular, which is on the hands and feet. I posted a message about my finger issues a month ago and Roni replied with some VERY helpful advice. I have taken it to heart and have found it WORKS great, just have to keep up with it.

I use various creams and my steriod creams each night before bed. I apply the steriod cream(s) and over it apply Cetaphil cream, and then a lotion (whatever I am using that particular day). Then I put cotton gloves on and go to bed. I do wake up a night to find the gloves bothering and then I take them off. After following this for 3 weeks, my fingers are in the best condition they have ever been the past few years. All thanks to Roni here!

I do switch my lotions and creams every couple of days but I continue to use what the derm has prescribed under it all as he has instructed. I hope this will do wonder for you, too!

Good luck and let me know if you try and what progress you have!

Oh my goodness! THAT is why my fingers peel so badly with dry skin! The lightbulb just went on for me! I am finding so many good tips on this site. I thought it was just my dry skin, or my nails that are now getting all ridges and heavy cuticles on them. Going through a big "peel" right now. Thanks for this discussion!!!

my palms used to peel every year so badly when i was a kid... has gotten much better since about when i was 12. now i'm wondering if i've had this all along and didn't know. crazy!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I keep thinking I have almost got them healed and then I get these tiny blisters that will grow and then pop. After they pop my hands get so dry and start the whole process over again. It drives me crazy and hurts. Does not help that I wash my hands so much. (being a server I am forever washing my hands)

Sounds like you need to get some creams from your derm. It will help to have them. They can be quite expensive, I had "sticker shock" the first time I had to get them, but it helped quite a bit. Roni's suggestion helped to heal them completely. I still have the break outs but with her suggestion, faster healing times. Good luck!

For the bumps, I'm not sure. If having your hands in water is causing them, that sounds like what they call "housewife's eczema." You may need steroids or another dermatological for that.

For dry skin, my dermo told me about Cerave' cream. It's OTC and not too expensive (about $15) for a large jar. It has ceramides in it (the same thing the cosmetic houses are pushing to soften and moisturize facial skin). I've fought psoriasis for 30 years, and after I found Cerave', my skin has never looked better. It won't cure psoriasis, but it will stop the dryness and cracking that can lead to a psoriasis outbreak.

And do put the Cerave' on at bedtime and sleep in cotton gloves (TJ Maxx or Bath and Body type stores). That works wonders, and it will work for your feet (with socks), too! My Mom used to do the same thing with vaseline.

A word of caution: Never put gloves or socks over a medication unless you get the okay from your doc. The gloves work like an "occlusive dressing," and will "push" the medication into your skin where it may be absorbed systemically. This is very possible with steroids.

Have you ever tried Zim's Crack Creme? It works GREAT! It's all natural ingredients too! It really does work. Even on those stubborn cracks you get on your heels. Find a retail store near you:

Good luck!