Psoriasin Ointment

I know this forum is geared more towards PsA and less towards P, but I just wanted to share a surprising find. The other day I was at the drug store and picked up a jar of Psoriasin Ointment. I'm sure you've all seen it. They got the cream kind and the ointment. It's basically just coal tar. I've never even bothered with OTC remedies. I figure if most people w/ severe Psoriasis end up on scary drugs like MTX and Enbrel or heavy duty Topical drugs and so on a 9 dollar jar of cream ain't gonna do jack.

Well low and behold I'm surprised to report that this stuff actually worked. I've been using it for 4 day's now and amazingly it has eliminated about 50% of the redness. I'm only using it on my arms as of now. Short sleeve weather is right around the corner and that's my main worry. It's certainly not like a miracle cream or nothing, but it sure worked better than I ever dreamed. The skin on my arms is also super smooth now. All the raised patches are gone.

So for those of you w/ P ya might wanna give this stuff a go.

That's really cool. Personally, I just have a few spots, but there are people in the group who have some pretty bad coverage. That's the basis for some of the shampoos, so it shouldn't be too surprising that it would be helpful. Glad it's working.

what is the name of it ?

Psoriasin Ointment.

Some of the OTC products with coal tar are great. The ones with salicytic acid work pretty well but not as good as coal tar. It stinks to high heaven, which is why I chose to use neutrogena t-sal for my hair ( no odor), but coal tar on everything else. Be careful when you use it in the shower. Replace your current liner with a cheap one, because it can stain, and ain’t nothing getting that mess out:-) its really cool, because you can use it more frequently than some of the Rx creams and foams without damaging your skin.