Seemed like PsA flare but it was Ross River Fever

I thought I was having a bad PsA flare. Blood tests showed that I had Ross River Fever.
I think this can only happen in Australia. It is mosquito borne disease. Joints ache, with fatigue along with chills and fever. The only difference was that I had several itchy bites. Nothing unusual for me as I live in a Rainforest. My local doctor was not convinced it was just PsA as my inflammatory levels were good. That was a first for me which means Xeljanz (tofacitinib) is working. I was thinking I was on another medication that was not working.
Months have gone by and I still have Ross River Fever - that is according to my blood tests it is still active. I am getting better slowly. Slow results for me are always difficult to cope with. My lesson is not to assume it is always a PsA flare and not jump to conclusions that my meds aren’t working.


Oh Bella that’s rotten luck! I have known a few people with Ross river and it sounds like no fun (I’ve had dengue so am guessing it’s not too distant).

Hope you recover well - it is a great reminder to all of us to continue getting things checked out when we aren’t well, rather than just assume.

It sounds dreadful but I’m so glad you’re getting better, albeit slowly.


I’m so sorry you have to deal with another disease. I hope you feel better soon. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

That just sounds awful. I hope your’e feeling better soon.

Thank you all for your caring words. I am doing alright thank you. I am just a bit worse than what I would like to be. That is nothing new for me or others with PsA that go through rough patches. I can’t tell what is causing what as I also came off Prednisone and had a rough week or two. I have so many things wrong with me and perhaps part of this is my advancing years and reaching the age 73 or it could be PsA. So many of my friends and acquaintances from long ago have passed away and I am still kicking. I hope to be around for many years to come. I am grateful for so many things in my life. My son who helps me when I need it. He lives about 100 meters from my Studio Cabin in the rain forest, a daughter in law that cooks an evening meal for me. A grandson who is 3 years old, who I see most days. He brings a lot of joy into my life. A baby grand daughter born last October that I get to cuddle. This one came from my grandson which made me laugh. I told him not to pick his nose and he said but I have to Grandma I have a booger up there. I couldn’t argue that explanation. Little kids just say it as it is and that is wonderful. Life can also be great even with PsA aches and pains.


That sounds terrible. From all the nature shows I see on Australia, everything is trying to kill you. Good luck.
I’m just dealing with a foot of snow. No big deal in New England.

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Yes, we’re waking up in the suburbs of NYC to more than a foot of snow. Here it’s a disaster, of course. I can’t agree with you more, about there being a lot trying to kill people in Australia. But my brother had a bear on his porch last summer. And around here we’ve got poisonous snakes. There’s definitely scary stuff in the northeast too!

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Thank you @MsCoylie , first time I’ve laughed all week.

Things can get pretty hair-raising here in the UK, a few years back we found a medium-sized spider in the bath.


If that was here, my husband and daughter would send me in to kill it.

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SO off topic, but even though I have a husband and a teenage son, my 18 year old daughter and I are the tough ones when it comes to insects in the house. It’s really pretty funny actually.

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