Hi again all

its been a long road.
so for those who have read my bits and pieces, commented, given advise etc, had heated discussions with (lol) etc… firstly thank you.
when last i posted i was back at the possibility of having psa again.
with my fibro well and truely established. and my recovery and getting worse again late last year…
rumy 1 said scalp ps and pain everywhere - PSA
rumy 2 said no evidence, no damage, most sensitive test possible… fibro
then i recovered substantially on mind/body stuff.
then late last year got worse again
rumy 2 then suggested possible enth from psioriasis and we went on a roller coaster ride once again. you guys mentioned that means PSA tendon involved and i challenged him. he wasnt happy. after a few more visits and MX.
he is confident again that its fibro and no progressive disease exists.

ive now taken mx for 14 weeks and only felt worse… no improvement
and been to a 3rd rumy (a very well reviewed guy - with a huge wait) who has reinforced the second rumy and said he doesnt think i have anything other than Fibro.
he says im typical with symptoms of fibro and very a-typical with psa
he said “look it is possible you have only tendon involved light psa” but extremely rare. he really examined me all over, my movements my symptomology, and wanted my entire life story
he also mentioned that some skin ps patients have aches and pains… but not due to any attacking of tendons/bones
he said psa is classified as “joint damage” and without it the government does not class you as PSA and there is no risk of dissability. (until such time it worsens ofcourse if it worsens)
he concured with rumy 2 on many points however had his own spin on things.
He actually told me Rumy 1 was a sham. a GP who advertises himself as a rumy… who started my entire PSA journey!!! and the doubt ive had conflicting me since my fibro diagnosis.
he said his examination turned up nothing and he really squeezed and moved me all over for a long time.
we decided to get updated scans of my longest standing pain areas… Wrists and ankles and new bloods.
waiting on results.

he said look after 6.5 years of symptoms, no damage still will be very reassuring
and you just happen to have psioriasis.

he said if he is wrong, there are no swellings, no obvious signs so there is no progressive disease to be concerned about for damage to joints. same as rumy 2.

I am sure many of you may dissagree and that is ok. i welcome any and all input if you take the time to comment then that is lovely of you.

But i feel now that i have had 2 very experienced/reputationed rumy’s say the same thing… then i really have to put this psa thing to bed and focus on my fibro /mind health stuff and move on.
unless ofcourse i get a phone call about the pending results. but he was very confident that the scans will not show anything and didnt book a followup either.

my skin ps came around the time the fibro came and the pain… it all came at the same time.
he said well psioriasis comes when you are stressed, having fibro puts the body under enormous stress so. if it was there before to some degree it will bo made worse. So getting the mind/body stuff going well again will ease it along with everything else.
Ofcourse i knew this already, ive said it before myself. on here.
but i suppose if there is some undetectable low level psa based attacking of tendons actually going on after all, treating the fibro with meditation and stuff will only ease it all anyway.

Thanks again for listening.

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Sounds like you have had quite the runaround with all this!
Did you know that they have reclassified OA to have inflammation and enthesis involvement? You can read about it here: http://enthesis.info/spondyloarthritis/dip_oa_and_psa.html
This article says a lot of people are misdiagnosed, and only find out after all the biologics fail.
As far as Fibro, that is not very clear cut yet, more of a loose bunch of symptoms, called “Fibromyalgia” it is real, but what is it? I think a lot of doctors use it as a “throw away” diagnosis, “ya you got it, see you later…” Sounds like Rheumy3 is good and playing it by the book. I had a similar doctor as your Rheumy1, mine was Rheumy2, make drop of the hat diagnosis, with out the clinical presentation, these are the dangerous ones!
Did you get Ultrasound scans or were they MRI? I really think the future is with US, as you can view it realtime, with Doppler to detect inflammation and entesitis.

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