Sausage toes

What do people use in their shoes to help with sausage toes?

I’ve found that I’ve had to change the kind of shoes I wear altogether. Now I go for something arch-fit, which really help my feet to be positioned properly, and that seems to help the toes. Also if I can find and afford them I go for shearling-lined shoes, they really make a difference in comfort terms.

Try out different shoes really.

I have a love hate relationship with shoes. I don’t get sausage toes but lots of other issues including ganglion cysts. I have been getting mostly orthopedic shoe brands such as propet and making sure that they are the proper width. High toe box helps too

I changed type of shoes also. Arch support important for me as I have plantar fasciitis. My toes go through periods of severe spasms and drawing. I started a routine of massaging them at bedtime, especially the joints. Maybe something like that could help your toes.

I also have larger toes that require a larger toe box. It is hard to find something that gives your toes room and doesn’t irritate them when flaring. I recently found that Topos shoes fit my feet well. They have a natural foot shape and large toebox. Also Lems shoes have given me some much needed relief. I hope you find something that works.

i am currently enjoying my Hokas but what i want to know is what people are using to buffer the toe with to help with the pressure while walking.

I would probably go talk to my podiatrist about this. I have enough foot problems that we are tight lol

Any further insert will just make the toe box on your shoe tighter. So it won’t help really. Are you icing the toe before wearing shoes?

I have seen the podiatrist and he really did not have suggestions for the help with the toe besides what I am already doing. I was just curious if anyone had any success with finding a solution with cushioning the toe while walking. It throwing my gait off which is causing other problems with my body. The new biologic has not kicked in yet so I will not know it will help with it yet.

Cushioning it will only make the toe more squished up in your shoe though which won’t help with the swelling. Your toe is inflamed so using hot/cold on it before putting your shoe on might help reduce the inflammation because essentially you’re wanting the swelling to shrink really. Compression for me anyhow never works on shrinking any inflammation. It merely makes it worse.

that is true
thanks for the insight

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I switched from hokas to a wider toe box, but I think the addition of Mobic was what decreased the inflammation.

I had to go up a half size. I sometimes have used heal grips to stop my heels slipping and to keep shoes firmly on my feet. I wear Ugg boots in the cooler weather for comfort, softness as they are roomy. I have never needed to insert Orthotics. in them. I think the wool innersole helps. I wear flat Orthotic thongs in the hot weather. I can only wear flat shoes and ones with a roomy toe box and normally I choose a wider shape shoe or wider fitting as that allows a little more room to compensate for the swollen toes. When I find a brand that works for me then I stick to buying that brand next time when I need a new pair of shoes… I only wear leather shoes as I find synthetic makes my feet ache even more. My brand names may not be relevent as I live in Australia but I will mention them in case they might be helpful. My Uggs are the original Ugg brand, my thongs are Slappers, my shoes and sandles are Planet brand. I have kept a few pairs of good quality Orthotic shoes in my original size but I am yet to go back to wearing them. Now that I know what size and brand to buy I can buy I don’t have to walk around shopping malls and in and out of shoe shops.

My toes were very stiff before I started doing toe exercises - bending up and down and spreading them out. The toe swelling has gone down. Medication helped reduce swelling from every toe on one foot to oee toe next to my big toe which stayed swollen… I now have painful swollen thumbs and fingers.