So I went to the doctor today

So I went to the doctor today for some new miserable foot and leg pain, and some ankle swelling. I came away with new shiny diagnoses of achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. His advice is to rest that leg, ice, and he gave me print-outs of stretches to do twice a day. And buy some new super supportive shoes. While I'm sure this is all sound advice, anyone have any been-there, done-that wisdom? My other leg is becoming sore too, though part of that I'm sure is because I've been limping since this pain started.

Been there, Sianie, and done that. Pretty typical of PsA, both the achilles tendinitis and the plantar fasciitis, as well as the leg pain. (Oh, I remember lying in bed at night with terrible leg aches!) The doctor’s advice is good, and it will help. But to be honest, don’t hold your breath waiting for the exercises, stretching, icing and new shoes to make the problems go away. I’m sorry to be Debbie Downer on this, and I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that you have the bounce back in your step really soon.
Feet are often a problem area for us PsA sufferers. In my blogs, you will find several blogs about mine.

Hi Sianie. I had plantar fasciitis when I was 40. I thought it was just part of getting old and I’d have to accept it as normal. My doctor sort of chuckled and told me it was from wearing cheap shoes. It was probably PsA sowing it’s seeds way back then. Anyway, what really helped me was wearing shoes with good support–there were orthotics also. And doctor told me to wear my shoes 24/7 - yes I slept with shoes on! I also had foot massage. I had the plantar fasciitis about 6 months before I told the doctor about it and I think it took about 6 months before my feet felt better. I’ve had sore Achilles’ tendons at times, but they always got better on their own, thank god. I hope your feet feel better soon! Pain sucks!

For shoes, I wound up doing really well last time at a uniform store that stocks shoes for nurses, restaurant workers, etc. I did not want to get involved with ordering a million pairs of shoes off zappos and having to try them all on at home then return them all.
Also, what about orthotics?

I’m not 100% what the he double hokey sticks is causing my swelling. Tried compression socks. Need a pain pill just to get em on. They made my feet hurt more…

My feet measure 11s, but feet have grown flat, wide, and swollen. I now wear a size 14 4 x wide…

I have issues with my Achille's tendon and had some with the bottom of my foot with my first flares, it's calmed down though.

I got these moist heat bead foot wrap things that you can heat in the microwave- they look absolutely ridiculous but they're lovely. Also, my rheumatologist prescribed a compound for my feet that helps a great deal. I had to stop walking as much as I had been (which was a lot) - but the shoes and new insoles help on days when I have to walk around a bit. If you can find an old-fashioned shoe store, where they try the shoes on you and really know what they're doing, it's worth it. My goodness it's worth it. You'll save a lot of money on other things if you get the right shoes. Ask your rheum or podiatrist if they know of where to go.

moist heat bead foot wrap things

I laughed at the way you describe them, but they do sound nice! And yes - everyone tells me the right shoes will go a long way. Unfortunately I haven't found a pair yet that seem very comfortable. Heading to a shoe place my PCP recommended this afternoon. Fingers crossed!

Just an FYI - I headed over to Fleet Feet Sports yesterday at the advice of my doctor - and they were great! If you have foot issues and a Fleet Feet nearby, it's worth a visit. They measured my feet, watched me walk, recommended shoes and tried each pair on with me. The staff (in my store, anyway) were very knowledgeable. A little pricey... but worth it in my opinion if it stops the dagger-stabbing. :)

I don't get the plantar issues, but my achilles and peroneal tendons are always aflame ! It's so annoying, I know ! I agree with Mataribot, compression makes mine hurt more. I can feel my pulse in them, sometimes. Ehhh. My sympathies !

For me, the right shoes made a huge difference. And I'm not sure if it was coincidental or not, but taking magnesium seemed to help, too (I now take it nightly).