Swollen Foot -can't put any footwear on any ideas for winter?

Lately, my one foot has been swelling up. It’s been so bad I can’t put a shoe on that foot especially so during a flare up. Ok it’s Summer so I don’t sweat it. However the weather is going to get (eek) milder soon and I don’t do well with my Psoriasis in the cold weather. Does anyone else have the issue with one swollen foot? What do you do about shoes? Sneakers don’t work either it’s just that bad. I have even taken the tongue out of the sneaker. If I elevate and ice the swelling goes down until I stand up then it blows up again.

My Rheumatologist has given me Prednisone but the foot flares just attack worse the next time around. We talked about going up to a stronger med or a combination of medications but she wants to give the Otezla a little more time (I am only on it 2 months.)

I am home so around the house I wear very soft slipper socks right now. However I will need to go to doctor appointments in the Fall and winter. I refuse to buy two pairs of the same shoes! Is a change of medication the answer?

This may not be of help, but can I ask if the entire foot is swelling, or are you struggling with a certain spot? I ask because I had a similar issue last winter, and it turned out to be 1 bone in the middle of my foot that was “dropping” and needed supported. The entire left side of my foot was swollen and tender though, so I was confused and had no idea what to think until I saw my podiatrist for the first time in 5 yrs. :slight_smile: I was able to achieve a mostly pain-free foot within a few months, but I found it surprising how 1 bone was causing so much pain & swelling in my entire foot…just wondering if maybe you’re dealing with something similar. I guess I’m wondering if whether it’s really the PsA or something structural? I hope that makes sense. I still don’t know what caused my issue. I’m just having success with the treatment, and I figure if mine is PsA-related, eventually the “fix” won’t work anymore. I wish you luck in getting some relief and advice though.

@Lisarockgirl4 thanks for your reply. I should have added I normally have very flat feet. Now the entire left foot swells. My toes look like sausages but that’s what I’ve come to expect with PsA.

Yup, Muc-Lucs are perfect. You can get high ones low ones and inbetween they look something like this (they are different than slipper socks)


@tntlamb thank you! :heart_eyes: I ordered a pair that should accommodate my swollen foot! When it’s not swollen I can wear normal shoes and boots like everyone else but lately with PsA, my foot has a mind of its own.

Wow, they bring back memories! Used to live in those things, but only indoors, they’re not suitable for outdoor use. Could end up with very soggy sockys.

Can you get a podiatry appointment SharonB? Hopefully the ones you’ve ordered will work fine but it might be as well to get a professional opinion on the type of shoes that will accommodate your foot without putting added strain on it.

FWIW (this is trivia) Muk-Luks were developed in the far north as outdoor winter wear to keep feet warm and toasty even when wet…

I end up having to wear my Crocs, but they have no support and I can only wear them about a week before they make my foot hurt worse.

I have resorted to soaking my feet in ice water, but I have to be careful with that because it can cause my gout to flare up the doc says.

Lately, the inflammation has been bad in my knees and my SI. My lower legs and feet tingle and feel numb. Docs says it is the pressure from the swelling on the nerves.

He put me on 5 mg prednisone a day, but not sure it is doing anything.

Hi Tamac,

This is a bit of a cross-post, as I see you’ve mentioned tingling and numbness in your feet here, and burning pain in your lower leg on another post. Boy - you’ve got a lot going on!

Those things can be due to the swelling from PsA (and that should respond to steroids), or there can be other causes that are not PsA swelling related (neuropathies and the like).

Could you and your Rheumy look at options to confirm its swelling related? Like a few days of higher dose steroids? (If you tolerate them ok from a mental wellness perspective).

This might give you a few days of much needed relief, or conversely if it doesn’t work for the tingling, numbness, and burning, indicate that there is something else going on that needs to be investigated.

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Eh? But I’ve had quite a few pairs! Maybe I should have tested their mettle a bit more! Tempted to buy some & wait for snow. (You know how to set a challenge).

Gosh I live in crocs given their support for me. Other shoes don’t have enough support in my view.

Oh dear I’m sorry you’re dealing with this too! My left foot has been a mess pretty much all year this year. I’ve switched meds a couple of times, and the Otezla was working, but I ended up with terrible side effects (basically my digestive system freaked out). I hope it ends up working for you as well without the side effects.

I ended up going to the podiatrist, and got some insoles and compression socks. The compression socks have been great! So I recommend talking to your Rheumatologist about it. They help keep the swelling down and provide support while I’m up and moving around.

I also purchased some nice sandals with metatarsal support, and I have a pair of shoes that are half a size too big (unfortunately with my new insoles and the compression socks and a regular sock it’s still a tight squeeze, but they help).

I also did a cortisone shot least year, but it didn’t last more than a couple months before my foot was ugly and swollen again and the Prednisone didn’t even touch it. It seems to be a stubborn part of my body. I’m now on Orencia infusions, and am hoping that they work to calm things down some.

I hope you find something that helps, but do check out the compression socks, they’ve been a life saver for me.

It’s a UK based company (actually near where I live), Cosyfeet have “extra roomy” footwear, some of which is adjustable too. Not all of the range is overly attractive, but supportive. Not sure if they have something similar in other countr ies? http://www.cosyfeet.com

Hi @SharonB , I’ve had trouble getting shoes to fit my wierd sized (short, fat) feet most of my life, this week an orthotist has ordered in some shoes for me in an XW fitting to see if they will fit… finding them on the web was interesting, apparently they come with a couple of layers of removeable insoles… which would mean you could remove the ones in the shoe for the swollen foot and leave them in the other shoe to give you two different width shoes…

These are the ones they have ordered in for me to try, but there are other ones made by the same brand that offer stretch tops etc… it may be worth you having a look, or if you are somewhere near to an orthotics shop that stock this brand going to try some on :slight_smile:

All the best finding something that works for you!!! This winter I have had to live in slipper boots, indoors and out, not the best thing to wear to town lol so am looking forward to having some actual shoes (hopefully!!!) :blush:

See how much care a mother croc has for its baby? Must be instinct:



I like my insulated crocks

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I love the traditional style crocs. Have them in several colors. Nothing works better for swollen feet. Orthotics were useless for me.

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I lived in crocs for years, they were definitely comfortable!! Unfortunately I cannot fit my insoles into them so time to look for something I can :slight_smile:

As a side note on orthotics… my first pair of insoles (off the shelf variety) helped only a little, so I now have custom made ones (made from a mold of my foot), have only had them a few days, but can say they definitely do help to straighten my ankles, therefore I do have a better gait/stride. Only time will tell if this makes any difference to my feet/ankles/knees/hips/lower back etc I’m not expecting a miracle cure with them but any relief is mightily welcomed about now :wink:

I suppose it would depend on just what problem you have that requires orthotics as to whether they would make any difference or not… but do think that persevering to get custom made ones was worth a try for me (I got them to help correct my collapsing ankles) :slight_smile:

I did have custom made orthotics from a mold of my foot. However, I could not wear shoes that had a closed heel. They aggravated my Achilles’ tendon. I am thankful for my crocs!

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Ahh OK… I can understand how orthotics won’t suit everyone, it is a shame they were not good for you… I am pleased to hear that the crocs work for you though… just as a side thought, I have been told that there are croc’s available with removable insoles, so custom made insoles can be fitted into them… I have yet to find any though, you might have better luck in the area you live… just a thought :slight_smile: