Foot pain anyone?

My feet hurt, bad! My left is worse and the bottom of my foot swells along with my toes making it very painful to walk. Does anyone else experience this? So glad I see the Rhgeumatologist tomorrow!



Roll your foot on a frozen COKE bottle (the shape of the coke bottle helps......... surrounds the foot makes a massage ball etc etc.)

If you can do some body lifts with just the ball of your feet on a step lifting up and down, hurts like a sumbeetch, but it gets better......

Yes, that was how my PsA was diagnosed. I had a lot of mid-foot pain, but neither the family doc nor the sports medicine doc thought of arthritis. Two pairs of orthotics later, inflammatory arthritis was found in the mid foot. Finally, the rheumy looked at my nails and said she thought the toenail "fungus" wasn't fungus at all, but psoriasis. At that point, a lot of previously-mysterious dots got connected. Twenty years of aches, pains, fatigue and depression, as well as two knee replacements at a relatively young age, finally made sense. PsA isn't fun, but at least now I know what's wrong (and it's not all in my head).

I haven't found the key to remission yet. I'm on my fourth DMARD in 11 months and I am hoping that the next drug will bring me relief. Meanwhile, I stay off my feet and I use a scooter.

Good luck at the rheumy's!


If the bottom of your feet hurt the worst, you may find that walking barefoot is more painful than wearing some comfortable shoes. Tntlamb has a great one for some temporary relief until you see your rhuemy (good one with the frozen Coke bottle!) The calf stretch is wonderful too. If it is worse in the AM like mine, I find that it does improve slowly with movement though it is not comfortable while they're loosening up. If I sit too long and then get up, my feet feel much worse than if I'd been hobbling around. However, there is no need to stay on your feet constantly. If you are on your feet, I stress agon to wear comfortable shoes, especially if you have hard floors. Hope this helps.

I am barefoot unless I leave the house, all of my shoes cause pain. I plan on asking the rheumatologist tomorrow for some suggestions on shoes amd exercises I can do. Its so hard right now because the swelling in my left knee is constant (my leg will not straighten) and that put with my foot and my balance stinks!

Sitting is hard for me too, I am up and down all day.

I also have foot pain. I use a knee scooter to get around when I am going to walk for more then like 10 minutes. I think it is a great solution. It keeps me upright, mobile and because I am propelling myself with a foot, it keeps my feet moving without the weight. I try to remember to switch feet, however, if my left foot hurts more then the right foot the I just pedal with my right foot for the day.

I have horrible feet pain. My joints, all of them, and the tendons also. I have tried it all. If you find some magic, please share.

I found the shoes by KLOGS made a huge difference and use a cain when necessary and rest breaks. Major Flake, what is a knee scooter? I don't think I have seen this.

I have a dog and I'm a walker so my usual routine is to walk around 2-3 miles a day. When I was diagnosed with PsA my foot and toes were so swollen that I could barely manage to walk a half mile over the course of the day. I'd wake up several time a night feeling like my foot was on fire. Horrible. I usually run around the house barefooted but I couldn't due to the pain.

I found that by providing more padding and support to my foot it allowed me to walk further and with less pain. I have gel inserts in my shoes and wear teva sandals most of the summer so that my foot is padded and supported. Flip flops are out as are most of the cute little strappy sandals due to a lack of support.

My PsA is flaring so my feet both hurt. My rheum told me that the PsA can affect the ligaments and tendons in feet. I cannot wear flip flops, heels or any other non supportive shoes. I currently wear tennis shoes and supportive Teva sandals. My doctor actually thinks my plantar fasciastis and then 2 resulting surgeries were an early sign of my PsA but was overlooked due to that I was working 12 hour days walking and standing on a concrete floor . I hope you get some relief soon. I've been using a new bengay product on my feet that has actually been helping. Its called zero degrees and I like using it on my feet. You can put it in the freezer and it actually helps to get it cold so much faster and the applicator is like a deodorant applicator so no mess and easy to use when my hands don't want to function. When I have bad back pain I use a new product from Walgreens called Mentholatum Pain Relief. It's so wonderful. It has made quite a bit of difference with helping with nighttime pain.

I too have bad foot pain, both feet, and have a history of plantar fascitis. I do calf stretches before I get out of bed, and throughout the day. If you watch a dog or cat, they don't jump up, they stretch first. I agree that shoes hurt but barefoot is worse. I have an old pair of sandals that felt like they were made of some "gel like" plastic. Cheap and ugly but they are so comfortable! I always look for others when I go out, but have yet to find more. Doc also told me to get orthopedic shoes and I found some cute Orthoheel sandals online for when I go out. They hurt to wear at first, but after a couple of days around the house with them I did notice my feet hurt less. Like the others said, it has to do with the ligaments as well as the joints. This disease always seem to come up with some new way to mess with you. . I love this site. The people are so kind and willing to share the things that have helped them, just in the hope it will help someone else. Hope you get some relief soon

Still no relief with the swelling and pain in my feet and toes. I am going to do some research on shoes I guess. My right foot is so bad that I curl my toes and walk on the outside of my foot otherwise I just can't do it. I also stretch before I even get out of bed in the morning!

I'm having foot issues as well. My left foot, on the side by my little toe, is excruciatingly painful - to the point that I went to the doctor and got an x-ray to make sure it wasn't broken. It's "just soft tissue swelling." All I can do is pray this flare goes away soon and stay off it as much as possible. I'm considering adding short crutches to my arsenal if I can ever afford them.

Same here wrt foot pain. A few tips:

  • it is very much better with MTX and Enbrel cocktail,
  • never ever go barefoot !
  • get some awesome orthotics - I have custom and they were worth it - go see a podiatrist
  • orhtoheel makes great orthotic slippers and I like the flip flops they make- wear tennis shoes and orthotics when u have a flare but even when u are not and want sandals or slippers get orthoheels.
  • my chiro does something called graston’technique for my plantar faciliis and it really helps- it is a very deep tissue rub
  • put your feet in ice with a small amount of water for as long as you can stand it. I learned that one when I had foot surgery. It can be painful but it does bring down swelling.
  • roll your foot on a frozen water bottle.
    Hope it helps!