Relief for Dactlytis "Sausage toes"


I am new to the group but not new to PSA. I have had PSA since 1978. I need relief for the swelling on the bottom of my foot from sausage like toe. The toe is swollen and painful but the bottom of my foot below hurts much more and is effectin my mobility because of the pain when I walk. It has also made many other joints hurt by compensating for the pain in my foot.

I have had one steriod injection about 2 weeks ago. I am also taking 8 Methotrexate a week and receiving Actemra infusions and taking oral prednisone with no relief.

I am hoping that someone has had a similar experience and that you could share what worked for you.


Sorry you are in such pain. I know what you mean about compensating for the foot pain. I have tried soaking my feet in warm water. I also recently began using a cane. At first I felt like I am too young for this. But you know it takes some of the pressure off my feet. Allowing me to struggle less. There by also eliminating the over compensating on the other parts of my body. Sending you hugs and hoping you feel better soon,

Thanks for the kind words Elizabeth. I have not thought about a cane but it might be worth considering. I saw that you had your phone interview with SS last week. I hope it went well. I have been on SSDI since Dec 2011 and if I can offer you any help please let me know.

Yes I did see a foot specialist and she said that she was almost positive that I had a bone fracture because of the swelling. After wearing a boot for a month my rheumatologist suggested a bone scan and it showed no fracture so he injected my foot and said that all three joints of my toe were extremely inflamed. My toe is still very swollen but the bottom hurts worse than the toe.

tkrlady said:


Have you been to a foot doctor?..Could the structure of that big toe, affect the other toes ( say a bunion)?

With PSA a long time, or RA, our fat pads become thinner on the ball of our feet.

They can custom make orthotics, especially softer ones, made with cork. I bet it hurts to walk barefoot?

take care!

This is the big thing that led to my eventual (a year later) diagnosis. I was given a cortisone shot and oral steroids and it knocked it out for me.

Do you happen to remember how long you were on the oral steriods? Was it just a dose pack? I took the steriods and then had the shot and now I am taking the steriods again. Thanks!

Hello mamartin,

If the pain is in the ball of the foot, could be a bone spur and/or joint damage, my Rheum did a regular x-ray and there it was, both. He was the only one who caught it. He finally put me on Enbrel, too soon to tell you much about it yet though, I thought I was feeling a little better, then it rained. Have only been on it 2 1/2 weeks, like all the rest, takes 3 months to feel the full effect.

Wishing you well,


I was on the oral steroids for a week or two. It wasn't a dose pack.. prednisone. she started me on them heavy and took less each day (similar to a dose pack).


natalieb said:

I was on the oral steroids for a week or two. It wasn't a dose pack.. prednisone. she started me on them heavy and took less each day (similar to a dose pack).