RV or Caravan anyone?

We just bought a 23 foot travel trailer and our first camping trip is next month to a lovely spot on the lake.
That got me thinking, does anyone here have an RV or Caravan? What trips have you taken? What are your best stories or worst stories?

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We spend every year (bar this one) taking a boat for a week on the Norfolk Broads in the UK. It’s like a caravan/RV but just on rivers and lakes instead. You can’t moor on the same moorings two nights in a row, so you move a long constantly which is of course just wonderful.

You’re immersed in wildlife and there’s lots of isolated places to moor as well as the more socialable ones outside pubs etc and the speed limit averages 4mph. The boats start at around 35ft long too going to to around 45ft. They’re wider than canal boats and you can steer from inside not just only outside like on canal boats.

Norfolk is fairly flat so you have these huge skies too. Sitting on a boat on the Broads permits you to experience seriously beautiful sunrises and sunsets and an abundance of water fowl and wildlife.

The boats just like a caravan are equipped with bathroom and shower facilities, a fridge and a surprising decent cooker too.

There’s a host of funny stories trying to moor these boats. Indeed it’s entertaining when you’ve moored up for the night simply to watch others attempting to do the same whilst offering a hand with a rope of course. They’re not like driving a car which can take some getting used to. All in all it’s simply a delightful way to have a holiday.

Have fun with your travel trailer - that sounds divine.


We saw a show about these riverboats. It was very interesting. I thought my husband would like it but I guess they were too small for his huge sailboating dreams. I thought they were wonderful. I couldnt live in one full time but a trip would be nice.
It sounds wonderful and relaxing. Yes, the best thing about Rvs is watching others back in. Since this is our first time we will have to bear it. At least I reserved an easy to back in spot! Haha.

With all the stress this year we need a way to get out into nature. We tried tent camping but my body cant handle it. I was stiff for days!

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Yes, we have a 28 ft 5th wheel and love to get away. Something about the fresh air, beautiful scenery and friends and family makes my aches and pains tolerable, LOL. We keep it pretty much ready to go except for food and a few clothes to cut down on packing. This year has been difficult but we’ve managed to get away a few times. Enjoy your RV!


Aw, campervans! That brings back memories - mostly of lay-bys. Also of cheerful chappies from the AA (Automobile Association - vehicle rescue service). Many a happy hour I’ve spent making a cup of tea in our clapped-out camper van, in a lay-by, waiting for the tow-truck.

However I hear that some people actually get somewhere in their trailers and camper vans. Enjoy! Hope you have many great trips in yours @amielynn38


That sounds lovely!! I also agree with you. We usually get away once a month or every 2 to 3 months, just for the weekend. Living from trip to trip made PsA tolerable. This year we haven’t been anywhere and I miss it so much. This way we can pull into a spot and enjoy nature, alone. BUT I am also looking forward to meeting more Rvers.

LOL, @Sybil. I’m sorry to hear your adventures where for not. At least you learned how to make a great cuppa on the side of the road. Haha

Oh yeah, there’s nothing like a cuppa in a home on wheels, even if they’re not turning!

We called our van Seamus (kind of fitted numberplate). Gradually we came to refer to him as ‘Shame us’. But even so it seriously was fun and you’re going to have loads of fun.


OH man, love the name! We havent picked one yet. We have our first three weekend trips plans. Mostly forrest camping style trips. Where we live there are huge pine tree forests. I can’t wait!

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Ok so this is dream option n2, a camper, hope one day to follow you guys on the idea, all the best


Us too! Retire and RV. Thanks!!