Report in?

Yup. So there’s totally hope for you too lol.

Same-o-same-o. Working from home still. I had an appointment with my rheumy last week. It told me that since everyone was working from home that he had been unable to get anyone approved for SSDI. He said the social security people now that as long as you could work from home, they would not allow disability. They seem to think if you can work from 30 minutes then rest, and do that all day until you finish about 2:00AM, you can still work!

I guess I missed my window to file for SSDI. I did tell him that my disability may come down to my hands. I have had a lot of pain in them the last few months. I had doc x-ray them several months back and he said there was arthritis in them and he hoped the Humira would slow or stop it. I have gotten to the point I wear my compression gloves all the time. They making typing fun.

I hope as he weather warms up my aches and pains starting going away. It has been a long hard winter.

43 cats might be 44 too many!

Glad you’ve got that new appointment soon. There are quite a few new things out there in the last few years, I’m sure a good Rheumy will be able to come up with a plan :grin:

Well @tamac maybe the privilege of retirement is beckoning? If you can manage, there are somethings more important than work. Stress and PsA aren’t a good mix! Sorry to hear of your struggles…I sure identify with you.

I should have filed for disability two years ago when my doctor wanted me to do it, but I got too much push back from my wife. Now, it seems I am stuck for a while.

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First dose of Pfizer vaccine last Thursday. I felt sort of wiped out Friday; perhaps half being out half the day, half being the first dose. My husband got his first (Moderna) today.

I’m back on Humira and doing better. Still fighting with CVS Specialty, with no sign of the $1800 they owe me.

My husband and I will have worked at home a year next week. His outfit is planning for working at home to be the norm. I’m preparing to ask for an ADA accommodation to work at home. Both my rheumy and pulmonary strongly support my doing so and will be writing letters.

My brother nearly died on us several times in January/February. He had two surgeries, one on January 29. He was on the table six hours for the one on February 9 and ended up with most of his colon removed and an ileostomy. He’s home and his recovery is further along than the surgeon had thought he would be as of last week. He has a CT scan on March 24 and could begin to plan for ostomy revision surgery in May.

I’ll probably need to see an immunologist sometime this spring. I missed my entire dosage and ended up itching again two Sundays ago, which led to an 0800 get the prescription run on Monday. At my appt in January, the rheumy suspicioned that my histamine levels could be high. As a result of that and my experience two Sundays ago, I suspicion she’s right. I’ve added a daily Allegra to the Lyrica regime.

Other than that, I’m plugging along.

Hey Letitia, that’s interesting. My rheum really really wants me vaccinated asap. But so far, no official instructions here in the Great White North.



Hey @Seenie , we just got notice in Manitoba that anyone on biologics etc can get the vaccine next week with just a phone in appointment to a pharmacist that does it.

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Wowzers, that is awesome! I cannot wait: vaccination is the first move out of “jail”. Thanks for the good news.

What do think of the astrazeneca vaccine? I see they just put a temporary stop on it in some countries.

They put a stop on it on some countries in Europe, and it’s a political move sadly given the mess the EU has got itself into on its vaccine procurement issues. It’s hellishly sad they’ve politicised it though. It’s also the main vaccine being rolled out in the UK where over 23 million are now vaccinated without any significant issues being reported. My partner had it yesterday aged 57. He’s feeling fine today. I had the Pfizer one about a month ago and I was fine too. However our second doses are not for 10 weeks after, solely to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible. It’s literally the only thing the UK got right. But I’m thankful this far anyway.

The UK has done a stellar job on the vaccination front! (I"m guessing that’s because the NHS was in charge of it and not … no, I won’t go there.) We have procurement issue in Canada too, and they are just starting to vaccinate the over-80’s group now.

No not really just because of the NHS. It was the Health Minister who went hell for leather last summer in the procurement. However the organisation of simply getting this many people vaccinated is down the NHS. That part of it is brilliantly organised.

The reporting here on the AZ vaccine is literally

Romania: “We take this measure as an extreme precaution, without any scientific reason … which led to this”

But then we might be a bit biased, since we have no other option :joy:

Rinvoq update. It has been 14 weeks since I met my new friend JAK. We have been getting along pretty well. Because Rinvoq seems to provide some fairly quick results within a few weeks, I went in with high hopes. It has been a very slow improvement but definitely better than I have been. The deep fatigue is much less. I am able to focus on a TV show without hurting so badly that I can’t follow the script. I have more good nights than bad and I am walking at a bit faster speed. So the big picture is better but within the big picture there are bad days and not so good days. At the end of every day, my feet are very hard to get going (pain) after being off of them for an hour or more. I still pay for doing too much which seems like I’m doing next to nothing. I dread meeting people in the store etc who want to stand and visit…standing is terrible and I end up shuffling and shifting like I have a full bladder…I just wanting to get going or sit down. Riding a bike at a leisurely pace is far better on my knees than walking. The rheumatologist intention is to do another review of the Rinvoq at 6 weeks. I confess to self adjusting my MTX…I dropped from 20 mg/week to 15 and I don’t feel any worse and the horrible boil like sores on my head and face have completely disappeared. I haven’t had any known side effects from the Rinvoq and the one pill a day has caused zero stomach issues. Only time will tell if I have peaked or if I will continue to improve. I think I can book my second covid vaccine in a few days and after that I will take the plunge and get my second shingles vaccine. I hear the second one makes one pretty sick. I feel like I’m a Rinvoq lab rat…seems like very few are on it for PsA.