Steroid shot for Carpal Tunnel?

Hi brains trust, just wanting to find out if anyone has had steroid injections for carpal tunnel, and what the experience was like? Was it at least partly effective?

It’s a bit odd carpal tunnel has popped up now, as my arthritis has actually been really quite good since starting Stelara in June (or at least I thought so), but it seems like it’s a pretty definitive diagnosis and I’ve gotta be able to use my hands or I’m not going to be able to work (which will make eating difficult :rofl::rofl:).

How long did it take for you to notice results? And has anyone tried systemic steroids for it? I have Crohns that just will not abate at the moment, so I am wondering if I give up all these other methods and try prednisone.

I do seem to be quite resistant to it though (too much at the start of my PSA journey I suspect), so it won’t be a nice experience (likely >50mg a day for weeks before tapering). Any tips welcome, as I have the first injection scheduled in 10 days.

had something to do w carpal tunnel years ago and had a series of steroid shots on the wrist to sort it out. Am having carpal tunnel issues again at the moment, sometimes hand made me drop objects - destroyed an expensive dual laptop and the camera on my smart phone as well as the glass cover, and at times find it impossible to open cans bottle tops etc. Am hesitating to resort to shots once again, as disease seems to come and go in waves, but never say never

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Sorry to hear you too :confused:. Sounds like the steroid shots helped some though, so that’s something!

Hope it gets sorted for you soon, it’s frustrating struggling to write and lots of other things we can’t do (I habe no chance with bottles and jars at the moment :joy::joy:)

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Was so frustrated about the bottle issue at work bathed in a moment of self pity, embarassing, strange this extreme weakness not constant. Have had so many accidents since childhood w broken bones that am ambidextrous at the moment. I encourage you to use your left hand and train it as much as poss. The shots do work anyway, am continuing trying to complement medication w supplements, carnivore diet and fasting to lower inflammation, and things seem moderately ok at the moment. All the best

In my previous life I litigated loads of cases around RSI. Reptitive Strain Injury or Upper Limb Work Related Disorders. Australia is the home and a really source of information on this too. I can’t tell you the number of times I quoted stuff from Australian experts on this. This is all back in the early 1990’s.

So @Jen75 you’re in the right place for expertise in this area. Since carpal tunnel syndrome is the inflammation of the synovial sheath in your wrist, it totally makes sense that the first treatment should be properly guided steroid shots and personally I would imagine they would have a better chance than just pred tablets. And if the shots fail there’s always a carpal tunnel release operation too although they tend not to be too great sucess wise with an underlying inflammatory condition like ours, or at least that was the case back in the day. Things of course might well have changed now.

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Thanks so much Poo, I’m glad to hear we are headed in the right direction.

I think more than anything I’m just frustrated with little progress for so long, so my primitive brain is going “bugger it, surely if I throw enough steroids on top I’ll feel better!!” :joy::joy:. I’ll stick with the shots. The exercise physiologist seemed a bit doubtful about getting back to horseriding, but I didn’t think I would from PsA either, so we’ll see about that! Besides, it’s mostly legs, I’ll just have to get better at using those :joy::joy:

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You’re in such a frustrating place presently aren’t you? This Crohn’s addition seems such a nightmare. Lots of cyber hugs @Jen75 and indeed you too @letizia


Just a report back on the steroid shot for the carpal tunnel.

Yes, it’s a pretty uncomfortable shot. They use an anaesthetic in the same shot which does not minimise this discomfort, but instead numbs for the next 6-10 hours so that the already inflamed tissue isn’t immensely painful due to having a needle shoved in it.

That worked for me, and as it wore off, my wrist was pretty painful (only a little worse than at its worst previously). But though it was a bit more painful, as the anaesthetic wore off, I could almost immediately notice better dexterity, which was my personal major concern. That kept improving over the next 3-4 days, and though there is minor residual numbness and tingling in my fingertips, my hand and fingers are working really well.

I had lots of energy for the first few days, and my other wrist has actually improved a bit too (systemic effects I think). Next injection for the other wrist in a few days.


That’s sounding very positive and hopefully the same for the other wrist too.

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