We are told by our doctors, friends, and other caring individuals that stress plays a big part with flares and our overall health. Therefore, we need to find something to de-stress ourselves. What do people do to relax?

I for one like to pick up a good book, watch television or rent/go to a movie.

Hey there. I completely agree that stress is a big part of my flares as well! I also tend to have high anxiety in general so that dosent help.

I love watching movies, I do a lot of reading. And spending time with family members which helps me get my mind off things as much as possible.

Hop your having a great Monday

I like movies and books also. I find this site helps my stress too. I feel less alone knowing others are in a similar way. I also exercise in a very warm pool, then sit in a hot tub and then have a massage. It really helps, I am almost pain free for 24 hours.

Hey Rebel mom,

I'm looking forward to seeing what people write. Before my diagnosis most of my relaxation was movement oriented. I'm not one to sit still or not have my hands moving. I love walking, running, yoga, home improvement projects and have been known to quilt for fun, but most of that is now on hold (too little energy or too much pain in my hands). I'm a sucker for Netflix and while I do like to read I have found it hard to calm my brain enough to focus lately. I enjoy writing so trying to set time aside for that every couple of days has been my goal lately. I find this kind of blogging and discussion to be good relaxation! I'll see what others say. Hope you find your relaxation mojo! ~ Jane

I take a nice loooong hot shower and then tuck myself into bed with a good book.

I watch uplifting videos on and youtube,

I soak my feet in hot water w/ essential oils and do Reiki meditation.

I pile all my kids into my bed and watch a good movie.

I go out to the coffee shop with friends to chat.

I go to a "Blue Mamas" group - a support group for moms with depression - once or twice a month as I'm able.

I come here, read, and post when I can. It helps to know that I'm not alone.

If I had the time and the funds, I'd get weekly massages, go to weekly Reiki shares, get craniosacral therapy,

I am with Nym! Thanks for some ideas I will try. I stopped getting my nails done and put the money towards a weekly massage through Massage Envy. When I was working I had my nails done as psoriasis had destoyed them. The last few years it really hurt to get them done but it really helped me feel good about myself at work. When I had to go out on disability I promised myself I wouldn't just but that money in the "general fund" but save it for something to make my disability more palatable. I think it is really important we continue things to make ourselves feel good as it is so easy to feel worthless with this stupid disease. I loved mimi's thread about beauty help with PsA. let's do it again really soon!! I am sending you hugs and prayers nym.

For me, videogames reduce pain. There are some studies on it, also on other repetitive activities like knitting that keep the body and mind focused on something else. These activities actually can induce the same altered brain waves one gets with meditation!

When I can concentrate I love to read..A LOT. We don't have TV, just Netflix. Usually my husband and I watch TV shows, whole series at a time, in the fall / winter / spring for fun and relaxation. When I have a repetitive, sometimes painful task to do like folding laundry or light cleaning, I will call a friend or famiy member to catch up while I do it...really helps take my mind off.

If I can't concentrate AT ALL and can't use the computer or deal with TV, I will tuck myself in bed with painkillers and listen to interesting podcasts on my MP3 player. I particularly love "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" from NPR.

I have meditated daily for years and find that it not only helps in how I view things regarding my health, but it also helps in every aspect of daily life :)

I like to relax by catching up on my favorite k-dramas (technically also reading due to the subtitles, like those of you that mentioned books). I also play with my dog or lay in a comfy spot and chat with my parents. I will try out everyone else's suggestions next time :)

My work bench that used to contain my carving tools, now has 6 carboys on it in various stage of fermintion. My wife refers to them as my children as I visit them several times a day watching the air locks bubble. I stir, rack, or bottle daily. I also play music for my "children" attempting to match the bubbling rates. For the first time ever i have play lists on my tab. I have been expanding my crawl space by a few buckets of dirt a night to build wine rocks to better age the kids.

I have started using chemicals though after a minor explosion 20 bottles of fruit wine that I thought was done in the secondary,. not a bubble in week the specific gravity indicated a finished alchol level in excess of what the yeast could survive in. developed some new stretches in an attempt to get it cleane up before the wife got home.

I'm developing an anti inflammatory stomach calming wine. So far its not bad - a blend of wintergreen, green tea, and lemon balm wines. I think it would be great for MTX users except for the slight problem of a pretty high alcohol content. BUT it is close to a cure... drink a split of it and not only do you NOT feel any PsA you don't care if you have PsA......

I sleep.