Well I will get to test the stress theory this coming weeks. I woke up this morning to a water leak coming through our office's ceiling. Our air conditioner was clogged and water came through. Now we will have to move out of our house for a few weeks and have the ceilings redone, floors redone, sanded, the works. Painters in and out. Electricians and who knows who else.

I am also getting ready to leave down in a few weeks to go to my daughters swim meet.

Lets hope my body does not react to this stress or my whole family will fall apart.

As the saying goes.."Calgone take me away!"

What a coincidence. I was getting ready for my son's end of year event this morning, and heard dripping, and found water dripping from the shower upstairs out of the living room ceiling. I'm assuming this is going to be a major thing, so am getting referrals from friends this afternoon before I call someone.

Oh I had that too last Sunday. It was a clogged shower drain.
Did I mention my husbands air conditioner went out in the car.

I hope the disruption is not too stressful for you. I had water in my home a few years back. What a nightmare. I never realized how much stress affected me PsA but this week was my test. Hoping the doc will help.

That’s amazing! I have noticed that stress is my worst trigger. I read an article (I will look for the link) about how meditation truly can ease the symptoms of RA or PsA. I wonder what it says about me that I have NO interest in meditating?? My oldest daughter has been at me to get it a go, but I really think I would die of boredom- or spend the entire time making lists of all I need to do when I finish meditating. It is on my bucket list, though. When I feel good enough to sit up and do something, the last thing I want to do is meditate! Fresh air! Shopping malls! Paint! Swimming! Those are my de-stressors. Unfortunately without the meditation, it takes one stressful situation to send my body into flare.