Mindfulness and meditation

I remember seeing some other posts recently about the benefits of meditation. It's never floated my boat in the past but just lately I've been dealing with a few issues at home in addition to facing the never ending challenge of PsA. As a result I've found myself in a state of almost perpetual anxiety and worry which is most definitely NOT my normal default emotional state.

A friend recommended mindfulness meditations and I've downloaded several of these on my phone so I can plug my earphones in whenever I feel the need. Haven't listenened to all of them all the way through but I like what I have heard so far.

Here is the link to the Mindfulness:Finding Peace in a Frantic World site where there are several meditations that can be downloaded for free.

Thank you for the link....I intend to look into this, too.

I was into a pattern of anxiety, worry and panic attacks this summer. I knew I had to do something, and mindfulness meditation seemed like a reasonable thing to try. I am using the Stop, Breathe and Think app, which I quite like, but a bit of variety would be nice too. I will check that on out, Jules!! Thanks!

The meditation has helped me more than I expected. It was, for all intents and purposes, free and it is very easy to do. You do have to keep at it, though.

I love meditation. I used meditation long before my PsA diagnosis for anxiety issues. Techniques you use in meditation can be translated to situations when you're out and about and are getting anxious, and meditation practices can help you be more in tune with your body and mind and more mindful of meeting your own needs. And we all know that meeting our needs is essential to our health. :)

I really find that meditation has made a big difference to me - in particular for those that have trouble sleeping, I’d highly recommend the phone app “complete relaxation :guided meditation” with a lite version available for free. It has succeeded where sedatives and tramadol have failed, and the more you practice, the more effective it becomes.

In fact, its my bedtime in ten minutes. I’m about to turn it on, and despite being restless and sore, I know I’ll either be asleep or well on my way there by bedtime…

I highly recommend that you look into MBSR: Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction. Think of it as Buddhism "lite". Typically practitioners (including yogis, zen masters and psychotherapists) teach a mixture of relaxation methods, reordered thinking about stress factors, some yoga and some meditation. The MBSR movement was pioneered by John Kabbat Zinn and other "western" Buddhist practitioners to introduce the benefits of meditative practice in a secular and widespread manner. It is WELL WORTH the investment of time to go through the program.

And if there isn't a program in a leisure/community center near you, most of the materials can be found online.

Thanks for that suggestion Jane, and everyone else's encouragements. I've been doing one or two of the franticworld meditations the last few nights and this afternoon when I felt myself getting wound up by my thoughts I pretty quickly remembered to focus on my breathing and just acknowledge the thoughts and let them go. Going to stick with it!

Hi! I teach several mindfulness classes at a hospital. One class is for pain management and I can sincerely say it has helped me just as much as it helps my patients. I have seen this work for many many people!! Mindfulness meditation is probably the best thing I have ever tried for my PsA. attached are some resources you can check out. I highly recommend anything by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nhat Hahn

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