Psoriasis itching relief

The psoriasis patches on my legs itch and are often raw. The slightest touch starts the itching. I am on systemic drugs which have helped and have tried various topicals, currently teclonex with no relief. The only time I get relief is when I am on steroids, which I am not currently. Any suggestions?

I can only suggest the method used at the Mayo clinic inpatient (which I was 30 years ago) which they still use. First soak on a warm bath with bath oil (20-30 minutes), pat dry, cover patch with a steroid cream, and cover with a cotton bandage. Repeat twice a day.

If you can't soak the affected area, wrap in a wet cotton bandage for 30-45 minutes, and repeat steps above.

If you do not add moisture to the area BEFORE applying the cream, it is not nearly as effective for reducing scaling / itching / etc.

Lanolin (Lansinoh or similar) helps my itching a lot.

Just an fyi, some people are highly sensitive to lanolin and can have an allergic (skin) reaction. Try it in a small spot before you apply all over.

nym said:

Lanolin (Lansinoh or similar) helps my itching a lot.

My dermatologist has recommended I use CeraVe lotions.When I am flaring he gives me a prescription for Clobetasol which is a steroid & Calcipotriene Cream which works very well. When the psoriasis is on my face he gives me Dovonex cream which works very well also.Hope this is of help to you.

Thanks for the ideas

The best thing that I found is using Organic Coconut Oil it will lift the flakes and moisturize the skin. Best to use it after a shower when the skin still has a little moisture in it for better absorption, but not absolutely necessary you can use anytime. It is not greasy or oily after a few minutes as it soaks into your skin quickly. A little goes such a long way. You can buy online or at a Health Food Store. Do look online to see the benefits of Coconut Oil. Not suited if you have an allergy to nuts. Another one is Which Hazel and mix it with glycerine sometimes called glycol, half and half in a spray bottle and use as often as you itch. Do be careful to use a glycerine that is vegetable based and not one that is petroleum based. I personally can't use any petroleum based products as I am sensitive to them. You can not believe how often ingredients are derived from petroleum. I hope this helps with your itching.

Try triamcinalone it is a cream that works for me

The ointment I use now is betamethasone. Dovanex didn't work for me, but all the steroid ointments do (the creams hurt).

Marietta, taclonex contains both dovonex and betamethasone. I never saw any improvement with dovonex alone because it burned so much that I didn’t use it regularly. The taclonex doesn’t burn at all. I use the ointment. I love that drug! It does wonders when my skin gets bad.

I do something very similar to want Marietta suggests. After I shower, but before I dry off, I use Neutrogena Rain Bath Oil. Then I pat myself dry. Don’t rub or you will just strip everything off. Then I air dry while I do my makeup. After I’m dry, I apply a good lotion or body butter everywhere except my feet and hands. I use Eucerin on my feet and hands. Before bed, I do the same thing over again, except I really slather the Eucerin on and then put on socks and cotton gloves. I sleep with them on. If I am rally diligent about my skin care, it helps so very much. I will also use the Eucerin on areas that have thick plaques and cover it with gauze and paper tape for overnight. It prevents my skin from cracking and bleeding.

I will have to be more diligent and cover the bad areas so I don’t itch them in my sleep