Embarrising psoriasis issue

I'm very embarrassed to say this, even on this site but I need to find an answer.

I have very little psoriasis on my body. The main patch is on my scalp and is hidden very well. However my other patch is the embarrassing spot. My buttocks crease. It's very itchy and sore and drives me insane. I've tried putting using Dovobet recently but it doesn't seem to help. I have also used Gold bond creame a few months ago but it only gets rid of the itch.

Has anyone else had similar and what have you used to help treat it?

Dear JJ,

My grandson gets it there too, I use 'Florasone' creme, takes care of the inflammation and the itch, helps soothe and heal it, until you can get some of that try Coconut oil, perhaps even olive oil would be good if you have nothing else in the house. Corn starch may help if the skin is unbroken, oatmeal or baking soda baths help too, not too hot on the water!

Hope that helps, tough to need something at night, a grocery store that carries some health food products may carry it! I wish you well!



You might try Cerave' hand cream followed by Gold Bond baby cornstarch powder. Other powders help, but this one works. Look for it in the baby stuff at WalMart or a drug store. CVS has it, too. Not only embarrassing, but totally uncomfortable!

Hi Jason

Had Your very same problem years ago when my skin was still covered with psoriasis plaque. Unfortunately my backside was part of the fun. Quite literally a pain in the A_ _ at times, always walking around looking over your shoulder to see if it's safe to give the backside a good ole scratch. Anyway PSORCON either cream or ointment your choice. It is a prescription so call your doc. Hope this helps I know it did when I needed it. Stay Well....... Rich

Cortizone itch cream works wonders, although I can't spell. If i am flaring, it's all over my body itching, so I warm up coconut oil like SK mentioned and soak my scalp, whole body in it and then shower off. Cerave' body cream is good like JJ said, but it's very common to have psoriasis there ... so don't be embarrassed. Buy cheap walgreens brand cortisone anti itch cream and carry it with you everywere.


I sometimes use Aquaphor. It is a petroleum based moisturizer, (not my favorite substance), but its staying power and moisturizing ability is great. I use it along with the prescription lotions when these trouble spots flare up or get dry as it helps to prevent a very painful circumstance. Sometimes the crease area lesions crack open and bleed when I bend over. Ouch. My sympathies, as I do understand.