Psoriasis flare

Although my usual autumn/ winter flare has not materialised with a trumpet and flag parade like it normally does, its sort of crept on slowly and steadily. I was off from work last week on annual leave and I had the usual “body splat” when I relax and then am floored for a week or so. But boy!! My P has exploded, a lot of new patches which are raised, angry, red and sore. Partly to blame I think was the mix up with my MTX between the hospital pharmacy which dispense it and the rheumatology dept who prescribe it…long story short I was without it for 2 weeks (and not a happy bunny!)

My usual treatments aren’t working as of yet need something to take the “fire” out if it, any suggestions?

Hi Louise, if you can get in/out a nice warm bath put a couple of handfuls of rolled oats in a muslin square or old pair of tights etc and hang under the hot tap while you run your bath. Soak for 10 minutes or so. I find this really helps. Hope it settles soon.

I guess I am lazy but I buy Aveeno products, I like the oatmeal soap and lotion. Or maybe I have "more money than sense" as my father use to say about some people!

I’m willing to try anything at the moment, will give the bath a go in the morning, thanks Jules. Just got home from work and when stripping off my uniform, thought yuk! what’s that smell? One smelly oozing belly button!(home of a new patch of P)luckily I still have some antibiotic cream from a skin infection in my tie last month.
I’ve never tried those products yet Michael Ill have a look online :slight_smile: