PsA members can now become Ben’s Friends patrons

Stiffness in the joints, pain around the feet and ankles, inflamed tendons–these are just some of the difficulties people living with psoriatic arthritis go through.

But these are just the physical symptoms. There are also the medication side effects which can keep them in bed for a couple of weeks. And then of course, there’s the stress that goes with having to experience such pain and the search for the best relief.

The Living with Psoriatic Arthritis community is one of the forty-three online communities created by Ben’s Friends so that patients can get in touch with others like them.

Ben’s Friends depend on donations from friends and family to continuously provide safe and supportive communities for patients of rare diseases and chronic conditions.

To give its members the chance to help in providing a warm community for rare disease patients and their family, Ben’s Friends is now launching its Patreon page.

By becoming a Ben’s Friends patron, members can:

  • give patients the comfort they need whenever they feel lost and scared
  • bring hope to patients when they’re about to give up
  • provide patients access to clinic and doctor recommendations so that they can get proper treatment.

Those who want to become patrons can choose from the 4 membership levels on Ben’s Friends Patreon page and click “join”.

The Ben’s Friends team would like to remind members to use their Living with Psoriatic Arthritis community screen name when signing up to ensure anonymity.