Keep the LIGHTS ON in the Living with Psoriatic Arthritis Community

Dear Living with PsA Members,

In 2006, I suffered a rare form of stroke called arteriovenous malformation (AVM). I’m forever thankful to the neurosurgeon for saving my life but each time I left the hospital during my treatment, I felt lost and lonely.

How was I supposed to know what to do next? The first few months after my brain surgery was an emotional roller coaster.

Talking to someone who knew what it was like

The turning point came when I was put in touch with someone who had been through a brain hemorrhage like mine. We spoke for a long time and he answered the million questions that I had about treatment and recovery.

I desperately wanted to connect with others who also had an AVM brain hemorrhage and talk more about this life-changing experience.

Starting an online community of people like me

I was able to put together a good enough web site to invite a few people from a mailing list to come join me in an open discussion of what we’re going through.

I was so thankful to connect with others who have experienced the same thing I did and the members who joined felt the exact same way.

As the community doubled in size, again, and again, it became apparent that we had created something special.

Creating rare disease communities

We wanted to share that emotional connection with patients of other rare diseases, so we created Ben’s Friends.

At present, we are now a network of 43 online communities, including the Living with Psoriatic Arthritis community.

The Living with PsA community needs your support

Ever since its founding 12 years ago, financial support from friends and family has been keeping Ben’s Friends communities running.

Without these donations, and the labor of love of our moderators and other volunteers, our safe and supportive communities would not exist.

We’re hoping that you could also extend some financial support so that the Living with PsA community can continue to be here for everyone who needs it.

You can now give a small monthly donation to keep the community running by signing up as a Living with PsA patron.

To become a patron, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Go to our Living with PsA Patreon page through this link.

STEP 2. Choose from the following tiers an amount you would like to donate monthly. Click “Join”.

STEP 3. You will be redirected to a signup page where you can enter the necessary information. Remember to use your community screen name to ensure anonymity.

STEP 4. Add a payment method.

Visit the Patreon page and help support the Living with PsA community.

[Yes, I want to help keep the Living with PsA community running.]

-Ben Munoz

Co-founder, Ben’s Friends