Change the lives of fellow patients by becoming a Ben’s Friends patron

Hi Everyone,

Remember that time when you started experiencing stiffness in your joints, inflamed tendons, and pain around your feet and ankles?

You went to a physician who thankfully found out what your condition is but is taking a lot of time figuring out what medication will work for you.

After starting on the medication, you suffered from side effects and had to stay in bed for a couple of weeks.

And then of course, there are those people around you–perhaps your co-workers or some random strangers–who ask irritating questions that only adds to the stress that you are going through.

Not everyone understands afterall.

The benefit of having a supportive community

Fortunately, you found people who know exactly what you’re going through.

Whenever you visit the Living with Psoriatic Arthritis community website, you can write about how you feel and after a while, you’ll get a comforting response from fellow members.

And despite all the pains and the difficulties caused by your condition, you feel a little bit better.

But then there are still thousands of people out there who are living with a rare disease but are dealing with it alone or just with their family plus a few friends.

Patient communities created by Ben’s Friends

The Living with Psoriatic Arthritis community is one of the forty-three online communities under the organization Ben’s Friends.

Ben’s Friends depend on donations from our friends and family to continuously provide safe and supportive communities for patients of rare diseases and chronic conditions.

What if you have the opportunity to make their lives better by donating a few dollars per month?

Make patients’ lives better by becoming a patron

Ben’s Friends is now launching its Patreon page to give its members the chance to contribute in providing a safe and supportive community to other people living with a rare disease or chronic condition.

By becoming a Ben’s Friends patron, you can:

  • give patients the comfort they need whenever they feel lost and scared
  • bring hope to patients when they’re about to give up
  • provide patients access to clinic and doctor recommendations so that they can get proper treatment.

To start changing lives, choose from the 4 membership levels on our Patreon page and click “join”.

REMINDER: When signing up, use your Living with Psoriatic Arthritis community screen name to ensure anonymity.

Thank you in advance,

Ben Munoz

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