PSA and Hypnosis

I posted a week or so back that I was attending an Advanced Pain Management with Hypnosis class. I had a wonderful week this week in the class.

The hypnotist that teaches this course is one of my mentors and has trained me previously in the basics of pain management with hypnosis as well as certifying me to be a Hypnosis Instructor.

I had corresponded with him prior to the class about my current situation as well as had a day long treatment session with him about a year ago. He asked me if he could pick on me during the training session this week, which I agreed.

The reason he wanted to pick on me was because I was not much better from the treatment session from a year ago. He did pick on me in front of ten other hypnotists.
I was thoroughly chastised for not practicing what he had taught me and not practicing what I preached as a hypnotist.

I had a very enlightening week into using hypnosis more effectively to treat pain, as well as to all the things I am doing wrong that have been prolonging my discomfort. After the sum of money I spent for the class, I am now making a commitment to myself to use what I know. I already feel better and strponger and am continuing to educate myself in the use of self-hypnosis as well as committing to daily practice.

I know now I must reprioritize my life and my attention to getting better. I will be keeping everyone posted in the coming weeks!!


That’s great that this week has given you a push. If using self hypnosis works that’s wonderful. Definitely keep us in the loop.

I am rooting for you tamac. I hope you find relief.