Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Questions for anyone that has tried acupuncture

I'm wondering if anyone has tried acupuncture and if it helped. I heard a woman say she did it and it cured her PsA. I'm very skeptical but want to know if it's worth trying from others who have actually tried it themselves.
I'd appreciate hearing your experience.

Great topic - been wondering if anyone finds it beneficial in pain management.

Sybil and guidob, I agree...and if it does help pain that is awesome ! I can't help but wonder if this person was actually diagnosed with PsA or if perhaps she was misdiagnosed or tried to diagnose herself.

Pain management is definitely an important aspect.

Thanks for your thoughts

for whatever it's worth i am an acupuncturist and i have psa. for me acupuncture has been very very helpful for pain management. in my practice i have seen a LOT of psa sufferers, i'd peg the efficacy rate at about 80% for pain and swelling, but substantially less than that (like in the low 20's at best) for the skin. it's also helped people with sleep, anxiety, and depression - the lesser known (yet just as fun!) symptoms of psa.

hope that helps!

I see an osteopath who also does acupuncture, and she uses it carefully - if my joints are too inflamed she might not do anything to them for fear of agitating them. But when she has used it, it almost always seems to calm down the inflammation a bit and relieve quite a bit of pain. I don't think it's a cure, but I've found it definitely can be beneficial.

I tried acupuncture even though I really hate needles. They certainly don’t hurt much. The needles for nausea from MTX worked straight away. The needles in my hands between my knuckles caused a flare up and when the needles were removed, I noticed my swollen hands were more swollen and I couldn’t bend my fingers to make a fist. Same thing happened to my swollen toes.
My conclusion is that acupuncture is great for my nausea and bad for my PsA.