Anyone tried acupuncture?

Is anyone working with an acupuncturist? I've read that acupuncture can help with autoimmune diseases generally. I just started--have only been to two sessions so far. If you've tried this, did you see any success? After how long? I'm not doing acupuncture in conjunction with any other treatment (except ibuprofen as needed) because I want to see whether it makes a difference on its own.

Hi Tina,

One of the best things about acupuncture is that there are definitely no digestive side effects , which can happen from other ingested pain relievers.

I am lucky as my friend is an acupuncturist and I sometimes go to her for pain relief. It has had some useful short term pain relief effects for me - but I wouldn't go any further than that . However, I think it is a very useful standby - the gold pins in my ears in some of those powerful points were good. Good luck with it- melanie

I’ve not tried it personally but my brother has ( for osteo) he finds it good but pricey and has changed to Shibashi Tai Chi as he finds he gets the same benefits and its free!

I have tried acupuncture personally it had no effect for me I had sessions on my hands but to be honest I think it effects people in different ways and maybe I tried it to late to have any real effect

I tried it and had no impact on my arthritis or headaches. However, it did wonders for PMS. So that's not such a bad thing.