Acupuncture: any luck?

I am going to see a accupunturist tomorrow, the problem is, I am supposed to list three problem areas, it is hard to decide, since there is so many… I will probably focus on the back, and maybe the polyneuropathy… Maybe my “normal” SIJ’s could benefit from accupuncture?
Anyone have any luck with acupuncture?


I used acupuncture a few years ago for headaches and eye pain. It worked some. But here’s the really cool thing. . . she also treated me for pms without telling me that she was doing so. A month later she asked me about that and for the first time ever no problems. That lasted and lasted.


I tried acupuncture before I was diagnosed with PsA (and thought I just had a bad back) but it was a nightmare. After sticking a few needles in me, the therapist left me for 20 minutes and told me not to move. Well I’m sure you know what “not moving” does to us PsAers. It was a very long 20 minutes!!! Needless to say I didn’t go back. Having said that, I have heard a lot of people with different complaints that swear by this therapy so I hope it works for you!

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I am curious about acupuncture, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else this discussion brings!

I have been doing accpuncture on myself for years, my old accupuncture doctor showed me what points to do, but I can’t get them in my back, to hard to place!
Moving is not that critical, probably made you tense up when they told you, this was bad form. After my shoulder surgery I had it done, really sped up the recovery, I did have a similar experence, she did cupping with glass spheres, and left, they started falling off and crashing to the floor!


Jon-sparky - LOL imagining the glass cupping incident. How do you move with needles sticking in you? Everytime I moved a bit they hurt - especially in my hands.

Well, it depends where the needles are, I suppose…
So he was a very good doctor! I was on my stomach, he put in about 30 needles, a couple in my hip joints were 3" long, I was left for 30 minutes, I have been meditating for 40 years, so being still for 30 minutes is not a problem for me. After doing the treatment you feel like you had a hot Epson salt bubble bath, all the energy is flowing but you feel drained, kind of like a day at the beach.
Felt great afterwards, but caused a major fatigue type flare, I slept most of the rest of the day, getting up around 4:30 pm and only because I had to do something.
He did a lot of work on my SI joints, seemed to help, but they are already starting to hurt again.
I go back in 2 weeks for another session…

Ive been getting dry needling on my back and legs for years. weekly. Dry needling is similar to accupuncure.
It basically fixes everything. if only temporary
Sticking a needle in the muscle and wiggling it around a bit to make it spasm is wonderful… it hurts and is uncomfortable obviously. however it wakes the muscle up. Bloodflow occurs to the wound which wakes the muscle up and makes it let go. the spasm can travel a long way (right down your leg etc) I am fixed afterwards almost every time. then a few days/week later its all come back.

Muscles lock in place when there is an issue in the area. ie bad back, PsA etc
if the cuase was something else then it will stay unlocked, however in our cases it comes back

Dry Needling cannot recommend it enough for PsA you really can walk out fixed!

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find a accu. that is recommended to you…most likely by your GP.
now my scenario was completely different…I had major sciatica…referred to me by a friend…to be honest outside of the relaxing atmosphere…his calming voice and attitude…I got nothing out of it…it healed with a physiotherapist who taught me stretching exercises…


We have a member who’s an acupuncturist in New York. He had really sensible things to say: he certainly didn’t suggest that acupuncture was a cure all, but he thought it was worth a try. Haven’t heard from him for a bit. I wonder if I can track him down? Let’s see what I can do …

Well that was easy! It’s member Robsamben. Here’s his thread. I’ll post on the thread and see whether we can catch his attention.

Would be nice to hear from him.
My current acupuncturist is a one in a million find, I really believe that one has to have a feel for this art to do it properly. Having just had a couple of sessions, he has already reduced a good part of the pain, especially in the back where he focuses most of his work. He really hits it hard with about 60 needles from head to foot.

All this is really interesting. I’ve never tried it but my grandfather swore by it. He didn’t have any autoimmune disease either he just thought he did loads better with regular acupuncture and he lived 92 long very active years. And I’ve noted your posts about it too @Jon_sparky. @robsamben’s thread is just so informative and just sensible. Now I feel like I know how to properly investigate it, so now I will.

I have had acupuncture quite a lot, in various areas, hands, feet, neck, spine, knees, and I think it is marvellous. Doesn’t work everywhere, but the improvement to the stiffness and pain in my neck was remarkable. I know it does not work for everyone, but I had it done at my hospital and it was great. Definately worth a try. Make sure you use someone reliable if not being done at hospital.

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Just had another session the other day, it really lowers my pain levels, he must have put in 70 needles from neck to feet. This time he also focused on my carpel tunnel surgery area, which is still tender…

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