I was wondering if anyone has tried acupuncture for their PSA and if they had any success? My chiropractor suggested it since I've been having such a bad couple of months with this flare-up, and she's had really great success with Osteoarthritis patients, soI figured why not? Luckily my insurance covers this procedure, but I do wonder if I am wasting my time? I've had 3 sessions over one week and I've really only felt good one day, meaning, I still had my pain, but it was bearable - (like not having to stop typing every few words to give my hands a break!! Ugh! So frustrating!)

If I could afford it, I'd definitely try it. I have friends with other autoimmune illnesses that say it helps a lot. For me, I give everything at least a few weeks before I pass judgement ... at the very least you're spending a little time several days a week resting a bit! :)

I've heard of recommendations to an accupuncturist for other pains, including my SI joint (without knowing its exact cause) but don't know of anyone yet whose used it for PsA. I hope you get better results this week. We used it on our cat, many years ago, for arthritisan, and made her pain free for about a week, then back to her pain. That's the current extent of my knowledge on the matter, alas. I'm sorry.

I am going to give it a few weeks as i really dont need to add another drug - although if a doctor would prescribe wine I’d be all-in!! :slight_smile:

Hi Suzanne,

It is a very good treatment, the Orientals are the very best and master herbalists as well, some were even Physicians in their country of birth.

They will want to see you 3 times a week for a while until they can get you on steady ground, they are the only ones that can administer tens for me that do not shoot me through the ceiling.

If you have the money ond the time, it is just the best!


Well, please don't take this the wrong chiropractor is not of asian descent, but very qualified in the art of acupuncture. She actually used acupuncture to help a friend get pregnant. I am very confident in her abilities, and it is pertinent I have someone that my insurance will cover.

About me..... I am a govt employee (which = not paid well) for over 20 years, and my husband works for the State. I have two stepdaughters in college, and their mom was recently diagnosed with MS after so many misdiagnoses. She's an amazing woman and we try to help her financially where we can. I cannot have children, so these girls and their parents are my everything. This has been a rough, rough year for all of us and I have had to take off a lot of time from work for tests, scans, labs, or just not being able to get out of bed.

When I go in for acupuncture it feels good at the time, but within hours, my skin itches so so bad, and its not uncommon that the day after I am completely exhausted and so incredibly sore I can barely think. Today I actually closed my office door, put a blanket on the floor and slept for 2 hours.

I recently got a new puppy....a small puppy, 10 lbs. She is great and helps relieve stress, but today she wanted to play "tug of war" and I couldn't do it because I could not grab/hold her favorite ball. It broke my heart...

Giving my husband a hug hurts....that breaks my heart

I take so many meds that just don't work and I am tired of worrying about my liver, my stomach lining, cancer scares and my state of "happiness". I just want a miracle I guess, but I don't have an indispensable income. I am scared to think what I will be like in 5, 10, 15 years.

Oh, I know Suzanne, really I do! My advice was that if you don't already have an Oriental, and can find one, they are just ingenious. My DC is not either but also does some acupuncture the basics only, but it hurt me, the Oriental Acupuncturists never hurt me to the point of crashing me, but I get that way when too many invasive things are done to me sometimes, but never itched.

I am sorry that you have all of this piled on, and it either comes in a pile or quickly accumulates to a big one!

I know about it breaking your heart about your husband, it hurts even for my little grandsons to hug me or for me to pick them up, I pick them up anyway if I can, because the day will come when I just cannot!

It says much about your character to give such high praise to your husband's ex-wife, not many women are as confident about themselves to ever get anywhere near the reality that they are an amazing woman too! That is a most high compliment to you, Suzanne! You are also most fortunate to be as close to the girls.

You are very fortuante that you have insurance to cover your DC for care, I am in need right now of seeing mine, it is just the ride to get there that is so difficult for me.

Back to acupuncture, I just read about the ability for them to help you concieve, that their body is too cold in some cases, that an arthritic's body can actually be considered the coldest of all illnesses or malaise! Makes sense to me, i am always freezing, always have been!

I hope that things work out for you, that you can find a med that will help you lead a better life.

Wishing you the very best,