Productive day

I got caught up on so much today I’m amazed.
I had more energy today than I’ve had in ages.
I’m a little scared I over did it, hope I don’t pay for it tomorrow.

I’m still gluten free, not sure if it’s why I’m feeling better or if I’m finally recovering from a extremely stressful fall and spring.

My fingers still look like sausage and I’m still limited with what I can do with them but they are not as tender as they have been.

I’m really holding my breath my shoulder doesn’t flair back up… It is the most punishing joint I have and when it starts it’s a nightmare of sleepless nights and useless days.

Today I almost felt human again, a human with giant clumsy hands but human none the less.

I was a bit annoyed I read that they can’t do the gluten test if you are not eating it. I’m not sure if this is still the way it is. I’ll have to talk it over with my doctor at my next appt.

Since feeling better seems to have started when I cut gluten it’ll not be something I will add back into my diet easily.

I found out that I do have two celiacs in my family. One Aunt who for years thought she had chrons to find out it was celiacs disease. The other is my half sibling who I’ve never known very well.

Apparently auto immune issues run in that family, p, PsA, lupus, and eczema are all I’ve found out so far.

I wish my dead beat dad had left at least the family medical history behind when he ran off which his new girlfriend.

Anywho, I’m thrilled with the new energy and decreased pain, so thankful for the good days!

(Please forgive they typos and such, thanks!)

Thank you. :slight_smile: I hope it last forever of course lol. I’m still feeling better. Still can not bend or use some of my fingers but the awful fatigue I was having has lifted and I’m getting back to some normalcy.