Please tell me I'm not the only one

…To weep in front of the rheumatologist. Please tell me other people do it.

Had appt today and actually sobbed on her. Self pity really but just the fact the my most recently prescribed drugs don’t control my PsA. Current flare up is getting me down.

If you're to cry on anyone, you could do worse than a sympathetic, knowledgeable doctor!

Have a good one on me girl!

Sorry you're down. I hear you.

Did your rheumy prescribe anything different?

Blessings and hugs to you.

Did it work?

Ahh, found it in another thread. it worked. Question. did she let you off the MTX so you can JUMP off the wagon instead of sneak????? I have every confidence Enbrel will work. You work hard fighting this thing, an fight it right......

No still have to take mtx too as well as the newly prescribed enbrel. She intends to sneak me off the wagon!

I have cried so many times I have lost count ! Last night I cried with the insurgence rep. , the insurgence company denied my claim for an MRI , which I need to get off methx and start on the next med. have a better day !

I understand…since I have been diagnosed I haven’t had any relief with my meds…have been on mtx and Humira for almost 9 months…hasn’t helped yet…the last few weeks have been difficult…I’m in more pain now than ever before… when I see my Rheumy in Mar. I’m sure we will be trying something else… I’m optimistic that its only a matter of time that we find something that works for me…so hang in there.

Ah. Interesting discussion. So so soooo sorry you felt bad. I say cry. Maybe it reminds them that it's a pain wracked human and not just a lab result. But your doc might be one of the nice ones...

My GP tried me on Mtx last year. It was awful and didn't do a thing. (this is what worries me about having the lyme and now going to a rheumy to be treated for Psa... what if I just have lyme and not Psa!!!???)

I hear a lot of ppl saying they had good results on the Humira, and to skip Mtx. Is that the current thing, have they now decided Mtx is not as effective?? If I felt as bad as I did on Mtx, what the heck an I gonna feel like when someone wants me to take both of them?? I think I'll not just cry, but pitch a full on fit. Sigh.

YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE Gwynneth!!!!!! Crying is not self pity, it's a coping method and most of us don't have the courage to show that side of ourselves except to close loved ones. Did the Rhem change meds to help ease your suffering? Have you tried acupucture? It helps me, and lots of prayer time. Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there gal, we're all behind you. Michelle

I have cried in front of my rheumatologist, my internist, my spine surgeon, my dermatologist, most of their nurses...

each time asking for help. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Good luck - we understand.

So many times, I have almost cried, my eyes well up and I hope I am not noticed. It happens to me when I have to explain where it hurts and how it affects my physical movement. Hearing my own voice tell it like it is out load sets me off. It realy hits me sometimes. I only seem to do this in a medical setting.

I wept once in my internist's office. I'm very stoic, so this was highly unusual for me. I just couldn't take the pain in my lower back/upper buttocks anymore. Give yourself some love. It isn't self pity, you grieve for your former self and it really can feel that bad when meds don't work like they're supposed to.

Sending you a cyber hug,


Hi GwyneethP, I'm so sorry also about your current flare up. I have my first appt. with a Rheumy Feb 5th and I hope he'll be wearing a rain coat. I'm always on the edge of tears. Please try to embrace the good things around you and know that you are not alone. Things surely will get better. Feeeeeling your pain, outward and inward. Golfette

Gwynneth, of course you aren’t the only one. This miserable disease plays with more than our joints and our blood work. I would say that your rheumy (and your GP and whatever other practitioner you see) deserves to see that symptom. Because it is a symptom: depression and anxiety are all part of the picture. I don’t usually cry because I’m pretty controlled most of the time. The first time that it happened, I felt awful when I left the office. But as I thought about it, I decided that my weeping was a good thing. It really reflected the frustration, depression and anxiety I was feeling. The doc needed to see that, just as if I had a rash “down there”, I wouldn’t be embarrassed or apologetic about revealing that in the clinical setting either. Sounds like you could use an extra ten – or twenty – spoons. Wish I could send some your way, but I’m running short on spoons myself! I’ll just send some big warm thoughts instead.

Hi. I'm new to this forum, but I just want to let you know that I weep EVERYTIME I go to the Rheumy. I am a tough girl, but as soon as she asks how my treatment is going, I start talking about my 13 y.o. son, having to watch his mom go thru this, and how I just want to BE his mom again. She is not terribly warm, but I know she wants to help me...I believe I'm going to get better, and so are you. Hang in there.

there have been a few times that i am right on the verge of crying and stop myself. I feel embarrassed because although my rheumy is nice she doesnt feel sympathetic. And although i often times do NOT like sympathy I feel it couldnt hurt from my dr. hang in there though! we have all at least been through those times where you feel like crying

Please, I manage to sob every time I go. I'm not doing well, so I attribute it to that. Don't feel badly for it. I'm sure you weren't the first or the last one who had an appt that day and did the same thing.

Yeah, that's what I thought, you're the ONLY one!

I'm sorry you're frustrated and in pain. This is the wrong "club" to join.

I tend to do things backwards...I've been on enbrel for twelve years and it still works great for me. I had to stretch my injections out toward the end of the year because our insurance was maxed out. Long story short, I felt like I needed a boost so I am trying MTX injections now combined with enbrel. I have had 3 MTX injections and I doubt I'll have anymore!!! I feel like I'm dead. Atleast it's cheap cause now I have 4+vials, a refill for like 20 more and 100 syringes.

I hope the enbrel does you right like it has me. I will tell you that the more consistent you are the better. I have had to stretch, skip, get samples and everthing else for any number of reasons and I can tell within a week when I don't have it.

Anyhoo, I hope you have some good days soon!

So sorry Gwyneth... this affliction is bogus... I'm sure it's not the first time your doc has consoled someone going through a rough spell.

Hang in there!

Better days...

Sob away sister. No doctor can understand the pain that comes along with flares, fear of the unknown and lifetime of therapies that may or may not work. Cheers to a better day I am gonna sneak a drink right now to.
I know I will pay the price but will deal with that tomorrow. Sob away!!!