Thank you for your support already, I'm overwhelmed PsA buds

My husband and I spent another several hours looking at possible treatments for this THING. He retired a year ago and this is not what I was hoping we would be doing. He has been amazing, for real, even learning to cook! LOL and he's doing great. I have hereditary angioedema also. This makes me swell up and look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon! (look it up...yuck) And now I limp like good ol' Quasimodo, my right big sausage toe makes me limp and the upper middle of my back catches, you get the picture. The first Rheumy appt. is Feb. 5 and like I said, hope he is wearing a rain coat 'cause I know my facade will melt to tears. I try to have a good humor but there is alot of pain between the lines. Both of these conditions are auto immune and I have read where the use of enbrel has been somewhat successful in both. This Rheumy has got his work cut out for him...let me know if anyone has experianced this sort of multiple auto immune problems and what has been tried for them. Thank y'all in advance.