Overall bad day with my PSA and Fybro

I feel so isolated today. My PsA and Fybro are at their WORST, its SO hot , I took my MTX yesterday. and I cant sleep !!!! What could be worse for us ????? We are warriors for living through this !!! I am a professional nanny to boot ! I got called into work tonight but I just cannot do it !!!! I refuse to live on pain meds too !!! I am a week and a half away from my Infusion ..... I just want ONE day of relief !! I went to church this am and prayed for that !!! Im waiting to see my Surgeon for a date for my surgery on my Esophaugus also. Its never ending it seems.... but I just put one foot infront of the other and keep on keeping on ..... Thank God for AC . Grateful that you all can relate !!!!

Dear Ashly,

I hope that the Rheumatologist can find the right dosage of meds for you, and that your surgery will be a lasting success. Try your best to put that into a positive light, confidence in it's success surely helps .

Fibromyalgia surely does not help matters, I know. Sometimes you don't know one from the other, though the heat can get me, winter is my suffering time. It is the cold and damp that really ramps up the pain for me. I am always better in the warm weather, so come winter, I will have a real meter of how much the Enbrel can do for me. But just like lamb told me, it may be better, it will never be best.

Wishing you success,


Yeah the winter really stinks ! My Rheumatolgist is the best of the best at Mass General . I have been on Remicade and Methotrexate for 4 years, and from I hear and my experience REMICADE is one of the best. I just think mtx is a heavy hitter, but its only for a few days. even before I was diagnosed with this , I was never a big fan of the heat :) I like it cool !!! I had an awful winter tho last year becasuse being an auto immune disorder and getting sick all the time I couldnt get my infusion So I had flare ups all winter !!! I spent 3 months without Remicade and on Prednisone and on awful pain meds, Never going down that road again !!!! I thank god Im going into this surgery strong and positive !!! I like your little saying tho, it may be better , never best :) Thank you :)

Hope you are having a better day! My good thoughts and prayers are with you Ashly!