Had to come home from work today, the pain is just too bad. I start Embrel after Christmas--holding out on hope. Everyone have a good Christmas and a Safe New Year.

I’m so sorry that you’re suffering this, Moxie, and I hope the holidays bring you some comfort. Rest and be good to yourself.

Oh , Moxie, so sorry to hear this! I would like to bet that you will feel better once you start Enbrel. Lots of us did! And it's only days away!

Do you have psoriasis bad enough to get a double dose (twice weekly instead of once)? I wish all biologics would start out like that to really give that PsA a kick in the pants!! I really think PsA is more stubborn than psoriasis, but apparently the medical community doesn't think so.

I've been having a flare of PsA lately and luckily I had saved a few doses from my third month on it, so I took an extra dose yesterday and last week. So far this morning I'm feeling less stiff.

Just a heads up--I had evaded a lot of viruses for 5 months on Enbrel-our big family of grandkids had everything-including mono! Someone on here said that once you're on a biologic you don't catch more viruses, but when you do catch one, its harder to shake. I definitely agree with that-at least for myself.

Anyway, I now have some Zicam, which hopefully will be effective next time I feel a cold coming on. I'm convinced fighting that bad cough brought on this PsA flare.

Just want to give you any extra armor you may need! I can truthfully tell you I had no bad SEs from Enbrel!

Also, are you alternating heat with cold packs on those painful places? I just really feel for you--I hate how PsA can make a person feel. Hope today is better! Take care!

Hi Moxie,

So sorry to hear that you are suffering such pain. I would be interested to hear how your Enbrel treatment goes. I am hoping to try Enbrel next month - as my Methotrexate treatment did not work for me at all.... Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Cheers and Happy New year.