Please Help

I just recently joined this group and have seen many people that are going through the same issues my husband is going through. When I try to send him the link to join, or he clicks on the link that was sent by the same work-life program, he gets to a screen asking for a entry, but the entries don't work. Please add ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ as a member!

At times I find that if I use a certain web browser, I can’t do things within the site. I typically use Mozilla Firefox, Mercury with no problems. That should help. I believe that is the problem. If if trying another browser doesn’t work, email the help desk as they will be able to help you with this problem. Posting here, unfortunately, may not be seen by the right people for days if at all.

The "join LinK" is an HTTPS. He will have to come through the front door as the spam filters will stop him any other way. Unfortunately there is no way to approve a member without him filling out the screening questions. We get literally hundreds of membership requests per day across the network.

Have him start here:

As funny aside we had a "working girl" get through on another forum not long ago, apparently succeeded in copying appropriate answers from others. Within minute of approval she was soliciting business by message. There are just some "chronic" conditions where that kind of solicitation is funny......

If he can't get in through the front door PM me and we'll get creative.

Same here. I help my patients all the time with online things by phone. I’m happy to do that for your husband as well.