This group

Hi. I was diagnosed with PA a few months ago, age 53, and am already suffering partial loss of movement in my right elbow, with signs that my left elbow will wind up the same way.

This seems to be a wonderful group of supportive and compassionate people. Are people here also active on other boards, such as from the National Psoriasis Foundation? Any insight on where else to be? Thank you!

I watch the NPF, as you mentioned. Watched a webinar today at 4 on inflammation and PsA. And you are right, there are great, compassionate folks here from all over the world. Gotta love the www.

I used to be active on the NPF and Inspire, but not so much lately with my limited ability to type. This is my favorite by far - it's a wonderful, supportive community! :)

Agree this site is wonderful.