Need Much needed advice on Social Security Diability

Hi! Im new to the board and need some much needed advice!! I was diagnosed with psoriasis at 18 if that wasnt bad enough and three years ago I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis Im now 44 years old and feel like 80!!! I was able to get through my job as a legal secretary (sitting and typing all day as well as very stressful meeting the demands of the attorneys) and now since I was involved in an automobile accident three months ago I have had a major flare of my psoriatic arthritis and can't seem to get into control and I am afraid I am never going to be able to return since I can't even get myself going for a good 2 hours in the morining as well as the lack of sleep from the pain! I am collecting N/F lost wages and short term disability but that will end in the near future! I don't want to give up my job but I feel I am not a dependable employee anymore as I really don't know what each day will bring and I can't just keep calling out sick and taking time off from the conditon! Has anyone filed for social security disability???? I know this might not be the best option for me being home everyday but I just don't know what else to do since this disease has a mind of its own! I have always loved my job and enjoyed going but it is so painful sitting in that chair typing for extended period of time and getting stiff that by the end of the day I was in tears!! Can I qualify for social security disability? Any help or advice is appreciated! Thanks! Hope for a cure and a pain free day!

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unfortunately I have no experience that can help you out regarding social security disability. I have been out of work for 3 months at a time for short-term disability to get things stabilized but i realize that is different. But I do have endless empathy for you at this very difficult juncture. After working many years and also enjoying my job, I often feel like a poor employee and I have used up all of my "passes". Now I just feel unreliable and I dread work most days. Its the getting there that daunts me, once I'm there I can often get lost in work and not concentrate on pain. However, I only work part-time and make my hours so I am beyond lucky. We still need my salary though, so there isn't really a choice. I wish you the best on this journey, and hope that you can find a balance that works for your mind and body:)


I strongly recommend you talk to a lawyer in your area. They won't take your case if they don't think they can win it for you. You can get disability for this. There are people who already are.

I thank goodness i have my bosses as my attorneys because I have been a legal secretary for 22 years! I am hoping I get the SSD on the first try but we all know too well that my chances are slim! I have been struggling to work for 2 years and just can’t find the energy anymore to push! I use to leave at 5:00 in extreme pain and had to take pain pills periodically through the day just to get by! Believe it or not the sitting and typing would just leave me so stiff I couldn’t get out of the chair so a sedimentary job is not e best for people with arthritis! I think staying in one place too long causes pain sitting, standing, walking! I am depressed about making this decision but I believe it’s the best thing to do for me right now! After my auto accident my arthritis is still in a flare from the trauma and caused many more problems for me knee and shoulder surgery! Who knows maybe at some point if I go into remission I can go back to work a couple of days a week but certainly not know! Any suggestions for filing SSD would be helpful! Thanks for listening!

I know all to well what you mean about sitting, standing or walking to long. I get irritated at myself so I can only imagine what others think of me. It wouldn't be so bad if the pain was just in one place. But its like all over, feet,knees,back,neck,hands,wrists. My wrist has already fused! I find opening bottles becoming more difficult. My accident left me with a concussion. So combine all that with sleepless nights and always feeling tired. I do not see how anyone can function with this. I struggle to find the strength to make it through the day just doing normal house hold tasks. I feel so lazy at times. It is embarrassing. Do not feel bad about having to apply. I waited too like you. Not wanting to give up.. But the longer you wait, you know they will deny you anyway. So better you get it started now. It is not like you have to not work at all. You can still work & earn a little income. There is guidelines to how much work you can do. But for now one step at a time. Will keep you in my prayers. Do what you need to do for yourself. If you need an ear don't hesitate to contact me.