Pets help

So we have an old cat ( who thinks he is a dog) and a very calm good natured border collie who is 9. I really want to get a small breed dog. People have said wait until you get better. I know what pet are involves have always had pets. I want a small dog because I will be able to pick up, do baths and care myself. The Border Collie I need help with. My kids are getting a little older and want to help more. Think I am nuts?

No NOT nuts!! Animals are excellent for our souls & health (many, many studies have been done)

I have a little dog- a pomeranian. He is my companion, my little mate. He curls up with me on the lounge when I'm having a bad day, always makes me laugh with his antics (even when I'm feeling really crappy). I've had all shapes & sizes of dogs over the years and loved them all but this little man is so special. Sometimes when I'm having a teary day (as you do when you have PSA) he'll jump gently on my lap, stare with those googly eyes and give me a kiss - priceless.

When I can't bathe or groom him I take him to the doggy beauty parlour- and little dogs are cheaper too!

Good luck :)

I have 2 children and 2 Chinese pugs. My boys sleep in in the summer, so if it weren't for the puggies, I'd not have as much incentive to get up and get moving. Mornings are so rough, but one look at loving little dog faces make it so much better. I got the second pug when my flare was worse as it was pre diagnosis and pre medications. She is so full of energy, unlike my first pug who is quite the sofa spud. She really keeps me going. When I am inclined to go horizontal, I end up at the bottom of a warm cuddly dogpile of pugs. Some care issues are more difficult. I can no longer trim their nails as much as I used to and have adapted by simply take them to the groomer. Fortunately, pugs do not need much other grooming. We also just fostered a little stray Chihauha recently who was abandoned in our neighborhood, unspayed, untagged, no microchip. A neighbors sister who has one already agreed to adopt her. Having all 3 dogs was a fun trip., especially since my diva female, named Baby, was not to keen to share! Here's a picture of all 3 in an uneasy truce on my sofa. : ) I say go for it.

Not nuts at all! It's a great idea: as xmasmumma says, a pet is a great asset. We recently got a puppy. I said I'd never get a small dog, but we chose an American Rat Terrier. Kind of like a Jack Russell with an "off" switch. It's been good for me, even though I'm on my feet more than I should be since we got her.

Choose your breed carefully with regards to activity and grooming needs. I think you will find that the right dog does really good things for your health and your state of mind. Great for the kids too!


I have 2 beautiful cats, they are truly like my children, they make me laugh, give me love and are just there. Sometimes they follow me around, get angry and ignore me if I have been away. I beleive animals are really good for our souls

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I have to agree. We have a 6 year old Shih Tzu (Cricket) who keeps me going too. I can no longer groom her either, but have found a wonderful groomer who she loves! She and I go for our walk each morning and in the evening she knows we don't go as far. (I am an opposite mornings are better for me that evenings) She also cuddles with us when we don't feel good. Pets become so tuned into our feelings that they just know by instinct what to do and not to do.

By all means if you are ready for the dedication it takes, go for it and get you a small dog.