Please read, thank you

This has nothing to do with PaS, however I am just looking for good people to forward the message:

yesterday in Providence, RI my daughter found 3 weeks old kitten left to die in cardboard box in almost

100 degree heat. We decided to keep the kitten, so there is happy ending for her.

I just want ask the PaS community to forward the message: please don't do this to animals, don't be so cruel to them, if you don't want an animal or you just can't keep it, take it to animal shelter.

Thank you for reading

Please forward.

PS: I have now 4 cats (with the new addition to the family) and 2 dogs. They are so good, specially when I am in pain. I believe they actually know that I am sick, because sometimes they just try to comfort me.

Animals can be better than meds sometimes.

I agree, animals can be better than meds !

I don't understand why people do these things. The kitten is very lucky good people found her. I don't know what I'd do without my dog. Animals are great!

That's so sad, such a tiny kitten. So glad you are able to care for the kitten.

My sister lives in Providence too.

I just want to thank every one who took the time to read my post, and special thanks to all who took time to write.

The kitten is doing very well and my black lab is trying to be a father to him :) Imagine 90 lb dog and 0.5 lb kitten.

Bandit, the black lab, is very special dog. He is always coming to check how are my legs, because my psoriasis is there, and he would lick me and try to "cure" me. He also would sniff my hands and feet and "check" my joints and again try to use his "medical" skills to fix me :):):)

Our pets are very concern with the family health and thanks to them we all feel much better.

They know when to comfort us and we are trying to paid back their kindness.

Again, thank you PaS Community for reading and caring.

You should post a pic of the kitten and dog together :-)

Bandit, Milo and me :) The dog was having one moment for himself when Milo decided to stop jumping all over him. I am one of those pet owners who let them be on sofa and bed, and I don't feel bad about it. More work for me, thought :)

Again, than you all for reading and creating conscience.

Awww soooo cute! Thanks for posting the picture !

How adorable!