Patient Empowerment Opportunity

It’s not often that a real opportunity for patient Empowerment crosses our Desk but this is a good one!

Esperity - Patient Centrics, is a Belgian based company focusing on improving patient empowerment and quality of life. For a current project they are looking for patients with Psoriatic Arthritis to give feedback on the design of a clinical trial for a new potential drug for PsA.

  • This will be done during an online interview, via a Zoom-meeting.
  • A compensation of $120 will be paid for your time and input.
  • During the interview you as a patient with PSA, will be able to provide feedback on key aspects of a clinical trial, such as: your impression about the scheduled visits, how you feel about transportation, any other needs that would make participation in a trial more convenient and assessment of questionnaires to be completed during the course of the trial (are they comprehensible or not,…)
  • We do not ask you to participate in the trial, we just would like to hear your voice so your input can be taken into account in the design phase of a trial. This might help researchers to design patient-friendly trials.
  • Requirements to participate are:
    • Being between 18 to 74 years old
    • Reside in one of the following countries: United States, Belgium, Poland, Ukraine
    • Be able to participate in an online interview (2h).

If you are interested in participating please follow this link to complete the form. A short 15’ Zoom call will then be scheduled and to provide more information and to set the date of the actual interview.

For more information, please check out this brochure or visit

You can sign up or get more information from Nadia at

On a personal note, I really encourage as many of our members as we can to participate. A recent study for a new PsA med included in its final protocol a withdrawal period. They chose at random study subjects who met the efficacy criteria and replaced the test drug with a placebo until symptoms returned and then replaced the placebo with actual med to see how long (if ever) the drug became effective again. Good information to have but ethically questionable to not have informed the patients that this was happening. This is an opportunity to help effect how these studies are carried out.