Wow, this is exciting research!

Mod Jules G tipped me off to this after she heard it on the radio recently. Think of the possibilities!

I’d jump at the chance to try this electro-therapy! Wouldn’t you?

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Sign me up! I would even do a clinical trial for this.

now there is something worth pinching the batteries from the remote! sounds fantastic

Wow, this is pretty exciting! I almost wrote the study off due its small numbers of immune related participants but after seeing the numbers of epileptic participants bodies accepting the device I was more receptive to continue reading. It would be exciting to see how the patients do long term and once the subject pool expands. I am all for anything that can eliminate medication use as a primary treatment.

I watched the TV program which had a section with the doctor leading the study in Amsterdam. The patient they interviewed was a lady (I’d guess in her 40’s) with such severe RA that she couldn’t walk from one side of the room to the other. Two years on she is still in complete remission, has returned to employment, and the only indication of ever having the disease was some deformities in her hands.

Seems to me this is a very interesting, non-drug based, area of research. I’d very happily join a trial … in fact, may ask my rheumy what she knows about it when I see her this coming week.

Do share Jules if you do ask your rheumy. Would be interesting to know how what their take on this is.

Definitely will do. She is one of the leading PsA research rheumys so I’m sure will have an informed view.

Watch this space!