Newest details in my quest to beat or at least deal with PsA

Well, I went to the rheumy today. Things are looking good, the pain is less, the swelling is down, all the tests came back in normal range except for SAID rate is still elevated slightly the only thing wrong was the numbness in my feet is worsening. So the next step is to add folic acid to my diet and see if anything changes. If nothing changes then it will mean another visit to the neurologist. Meanwhile, things are finally happening for my sister and her diagnosis - we have a date for the transplant and so it is time for me to step up and help out. In a few weeks, my Mom will be coming down to help out with my sister's post transplant recouperation and I will be stepping in to help as much as I can. With my own immunity levels not quite where they should be, I am really not sure how much I will be able to be around her and I am scared to death that something I do (contamination or just plain doing something wrong) is going to have a negative effect on her health. Yes, this is going to cause me to stress out but I am going to try some relaxation techniques and up my massages to once a week or so to try to counterbalance it. If I could afford it, I would have massages once a day but the check book doesn't work that way. Winning the lottery would be wonderful and take care of many of my problems but the rest of the country is thinking the same thing right now. If I were to win the lottery, I would definitely put aside money for PsA research. There is really so little known about the disease that we could all really benefit from research - just because it only effects a small amount of the population isn't a good reason for the little amount of research done on it. We deserve it.

Hurray, SD! Looks like you're on the mend. Let's hope this trend continues.

Good luck to you and your family.