Hoping for foot relief soon

Just got back from the GP's office and I think he, my rheumy and I are now somewhat on the same page. Tonight I got my first B-12 injection (the first of many) which may help with the neuropathy in my feet. However, we are also going to have a nerve test done on my feet as well. It seems when I get one thing under control, another pops up. I haven't been able to exercise as of late due to the feet and the back. Hopefully this will take care of both of these trouble spots. I have had back issues for some time but I never thought it had anything to do with the PsA since I have had trouble off and on for 15 years (after I threw it out at work) but now I am concerned. However I will continue to keep my chin up and keep trying to get exercise in and keep myself moving.

I haven't been able to go swimming yet - hoping that will change soon. I've been at home as we are supposed to be having some work done on the house yet the part hasn't come in. I've decided that if they don't come tomorrow in the AM, I am going to go swimming anyway. It has been too long and I so want to go and get moving again. I have been on an extreme organizing kick and haven't taken any time to have fun - I think I deserve it :)

Hi there, Diva

I'm going to the neuro lab tomorrow for the nerve testing. But nobody has mentioned B12 to me. Tell me about that.

I have tingling, burning and numbness in one foot. I am not a diabetic. What's the situation with yours?

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow. I'm to wear no lotions or perfumes. Whatever!


I have had issues with neuropathy for years. Prior to diagnosis of PsA, they just thought it was a result of a cyst removal on the left foot and a pinched nerve on the right. Since the diagnosis, thoughts have changed. I have blood tests every 3 months and have never came up positive for diabetis. In March they tested by B-12 levels and my numbers came up 238 - normal is ■■■■■■■■. Technically I wasn't low but my rheumy said people can show symptoms when their numbers are under 400 so he recommended I get injections. My GP didn't say anything about it when the results came but the rheumy suggested it so I went to see the GP last night and he agreed to try the injections. They also decided to have me go back to the neurologist for the foot tests - the results would be able to let me know if my back (which has been bothering me lately) is pinching the nerve or if it is the B-12. Since we already did the blood test, they started me on the injections last night. I will get a shot once a week for 4 weeks and then get them once a month after that. Like so many of the meds for PsA, the results aren't immediately felt so they are giving me more shots to start out giving me a jump start. I just want to be able to feel comfortable walking again. My exercise has come to a complete stop and I am gaining even more weight so I just want to move again. I am a bit scared that my back may be showing damage as well but since I haven't even thought about the PsA effecting my back (because my back issues go back many years - I threw it out at work back in the early 90's). I have to call the neurologist today and get an appointment. Like so much of this disease, all the tests work together to eliminate other things and eventually they decide if it isn't anything else, it must be the PsA. Good luck with the tests today and I hope you get feeling back soon.

Hope you feel better soon!

I went to the for neurology testing yesterday, and I came away feeling pretty positive. Apparently, the nerves in my feet are healthy and undamaged, which was a huge relief. The neurologist said he thinks the burning, tingling and numbness are most likely the result of soft tissue swelling putting pressure on the nerves. He thinks that, once we find the right drug to quell the inflammation, the neuropathy will resolve itself.

Thank goodness for that.


Glad to hear that, Seenie. So much of this is new to me and since it is such an under supported disease lacking in studies, it is really hard to know what is 'normal' and what isn't. I haven't had the test yet (I can't afford it at the moment) but hope to within the next month or so. Meanwhile, we smile and continue.