New Rhuemy tomorrow, wish I could say I,m hopeful

Hello to all of you fellow sufferers, it,s been a long time since I,ve been active. I have seen a Rhuemy on 2 occasions as I was exhibiting a fiery big toe and foot. Oh my gosh, such pain. I made the mistake of telling him that I thought I had Psa. He quickly informed me that he was the expert! Hmmm. He told me he would see me in 3 months unless I had another flare up. I have all of the classic signs of Psa, the nail pits, neg. ra test and so on. He thinks it is gout, imagine that! Well, I am so flared up on the same foot and toe that I couldn’t,t get to him today. I had made another appt.with another Rhuemy before I saw him the first time becauseof the long wait to see her.

Please say a prayer that this lady will listen to me. My precious husband has made an unbelievable notebook with dates, pictures, x-rays and blood test results for US to take to her. I feel that if I had waited to show that 1st Rhuemy more, that is what he said! He wanted to see More! That I would wind up crippled.

Each of you have been in my thoughts and prayers and thanks to all for the possutive remarks. I’ve been reading this sight for months.

Wish me luck.

I’m curious. . .if the doctor thinks maybe it’s gout, this can be definitively diagnosed. It’s fully possible to have gout and psoriasis. It may well be worth further investigation. I wish you luck with this.