P and the Pool

Hi everyone!

Quick question, I just started aqua exercise to help with joint pain and lose a couple of lb’s. Do the chemicals and/or chlorine affect the P at all?
Many advance thanks!

It always made my skin itchy and very dry. Now that I’m on Enbrel, my skin has improved greatly, and I’m wondering whether I’ll be more comfortable after being in a pool.

How are you feeling, now that you can put your feet up? Have you started the drug trial yet?

My scales are very soft from 2 hours in the pool, but they are on my scalp so I can’t see them. Not hurting, just a little itchy.
I feel much better but I know it is from not working. The drug trial has been further delayed until mid-July. Bummer, but what can you do?
How have you been feeling?

Chlorine makes my psoriasis better, as long as I put Aquaphor on afterwards. When I'm in a pool regularly my plaques get slightly smaller.

It is winter for me in my part of the world in Australia so I am not going to the Pool right now. My skin is almost P free from being on Enbrel injections. Before that the chlorine made my P skin go soft and mushy. It actually helped remove the flakes. I have made some long cloths for my back out of towelling and then out crotchet cotton as Loofa is too rough on P skin for me. I would give my back a good rub down in the shower to remove any excess skin. I mainly had P on my back and I wear high back swimmers. I never got any more itchier than usual from the Chlorine in the Pool. I always shower soon afterwards and moisturize my skin. I use an Organic coconut oil straight after I have dried myself after my shower as it soaks in quickly and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is inexpensive for a good moisturizer. Also good for overnight on your scalp to help lift the flakes. I use an old pillow with a towel over it.

The chemicals do not bother my p. My p is non-plaque forming, mostly on my scalp. My skin is very dry so I use a mild soap after the pool and then use Palmer's cocoa butter oil. I feel so good when I do my exercises that my skin is worth the extra care. I can really be pain free after my exercises in the pool for 24 hours.