Chlorine (pool water) aggregate your psoriasis?

I am interested in trying aqua therapy, but in the past the chlorine in pools dry my skin out and seem to aggravate my psoriasis. Anyone else have this problem?

I shower after I exercise in the warm pool and hot tub. I use a moisturizing body wash. Then I apply a body oil by Palmer's all over then I pat dry. Then I apply a good body lotion all over before I dress. My skin is actually in better shape with all this special care! I have inverse and guttate, both non-plague forming psoriasis. My sister has plague forming and she uses a steroid cream to keep it from flaring (splitting and bleeding). There may be some people on her with plague forming psoriasis on here who can give some good tips on that.

Thanks so much for your input. I have been hesitant to introduce another reason my psoriasis could erupt worse. Trial and error may have to be sufficient. Thanks, again.

I’ve always had really bad whole-body itch after swimming in a chlorinated pool, so much so that in recent years I’ve just avoided the pool. Since starting Enbrel, it seems much better, although I’ve only been in well-maintained (and fairly low chlorine)pools since starting. The real test will come when I go to the public pool after a crowd of sweaty kids has been there.

But yes, my skin hasn’t liked the pool much.

My skin improves in both chlorine and salt water pools. I put Aquaphor on after, EVERY time.

My skin cracks so much with my plaque psoriasis. I find our pool where I live is so often not balanced properly that I suffer so much after swimming. If the pool is balanced properly then with good rinsing and creams etc after it is ok. I would love to try a salt water pool but alas we only have one pool. Our lakes are frozen until at least June and even then it is a tad chilly. So for 2 months of a year I can swim in the lakes. Still cool but not heart stopping cold. My skin seems fine with lake water.

I have always had a problem with my skin feeling very dry and itchy no matter what I do after I swim. I might try and wait until warmer weather to try aqua Pilates. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions.