I have been doing water aerobics 5-6 days a week and for about nine months now and I have noticed that the chlorine is playing havoc with my skin. what lotions or brands of lotions or creams are people using before and after swimming to help with the chlorine dryness.

Nice to have you back! I like using a liberal amount of olive oil before jumping in the pool but Greenpeace keeps showing up to clean up the oil slick on the water. Chlorine is bad stuff to soak in, maybe the olive oil after the swim? I know it sounds oily but once it soaks in it works great.

Because of our climate we are slathered in sunscreen. I think it acts pretty much like a barrier cream so don’t notice too many problems with my skin unless I’m in for a long time and it washes off. I guess barrier cream would be ideal but to put it over your whole body… expensive

Hi, I too have found the benefits of doing this. But I use a salt water pool. Have PSA but also Psoriasis on my skin. When I go in the continually go in the sea ( on holiday), the Psoriasis on my skin disappears after a few weeks. I am in the pool and spa business so have an exercise pool at home (lucky me). I fitted a salt generating system to it and it has hugely helped my skin. So if you can find a salt water pool then I would suggest trying this. Maybe even ask the pool owners to look into fitting it to their pool. It keeps the water clean, stops bacteria build up, and is better for bathers. There’s an initial cost to install it, but as the world is getting more health conscious it has to be a great feature do them to attract clients who prefer a More natural way to sanitise the water. This made a huge difference to my skin. I hope that this helps…

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Well this is a club and salt water is not an option. But awesome suggestions thank

Just about to take a short vacation to a lodge that has a wonderful pool. Swimming has always been a huge activity with all my family but for the last 4-5 yrs I have struggled or just skipped the swim portion. My feet can not take the heat of a spa but pool temps are fine. My problem is my feet being either cramping or painful when trying to be tip toe when in the water or just hours later. I have tried bypass to an immediate swim but my feet also react to the pressure upon kicking. Curious if anyone else deals with this problem and can offer any suggestions. I miss it so much, used to work as a lifeguard in my teens and was active on a swim team for years so spending time in water has become defeating rather than joyful. I have also tried just using my arms only to have my ribs flare but will be trying that again this time since cosentyx has been amazing at keeping my rib pain at bay.